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The Gender Equality Alliance of Nipissing, along with the Campus Women's Centre for Nipissing University and Canadore College, will be hosting International Women's Week at Nipissing University, from March 1st to March 8th 2002. Events include a guest lecturer, Sally Armstrong, on March 1st and a mini film festival during the week that follows. All are welcome. No admission charges to any events.

The Program in Gender Equality and Social Justice at Nipissing University, in conjunction with the Women's Centre, and the Gender Equality Alliance of Nipissing is planning to hold a film festival in the week preceding International Women's Day, on March 8th. On March 1st, Sally Armstrong, a well-known feminist activist and Canadian Unicef Ambassador to Afghanistan will begin our week of exciting events by holding a public talk on her experiences in Afghanistan. To complement Sally's talk, there will be a mini film festival held over the following week, culminating in a final screening on IWD itself.

The program for Blood Sweat and Tears: Women's Lives in a Global World, will combine screenings over the nights of Monday March 4th, Wednesday March 6th, and Friday March 8th, with post-screening discussions. For each of the nights, a panel of interested speakers with expertise in the areas of concern raised by the film will face-off with the audience for what we anticipate will be a lively and exciting exchange. Panelists have already agreed to donate their time to this event and we are very excited about the range of speakers we have secured.

On the final evening, we return to the very important issues with which this week long program began- the issue of women's rights in third world countries. We will be screening the Iranian film, The Circle, and following this with a panel brave enough to tackle the complex questions of religious and ethnic diversity in our global world.

For more information please call (705) 474-3461 ext. 4576.

Look for program booklets around the University/College Campus, and at various establishments within the community.


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