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Kimberly Rogers Inquest Alerts

- For Immediate Release -

SWAN Bus from Ottawa to Sudbury
to Attend the Coroner's Inquest into the
Death of Kimberly Rogers

November 18 , 2002

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Who: (SWAN) Somerset West Action Network - a Group of People Living in Poverty, Friends and Allies working towards Economic Justice. The bus will be full of people living in poverty, disabled and able bodied, children, students, and seniors. Video coverage will be filmed by The Ottawa Video Collective, as well as other forms of Media covering the Days Events.

What: A bus will be leaving from Ottawa on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 at 7:00 am from the Parking lot of Somerset West Community Health Centre (55 Eccles)., bringing people to Sudbury to attend the Coroners Inquest into the death of Kimberly Rogers. SWAN has rented a bus leaving for Sudbury to Honour the Life that was Kimberly Rogers and Her Unborn Child by having a Moment of Silence out side the courthouse where the Inquest is taking place at approximately 1 pm.

Some People on the SWAN bus Wish to Witness the Kimberly Rogers Inquest. A forum/dialogue in the Fourth Floor Resource Centre at St. Andrew's Place (111 Larch Street) is being Organized by the Committee to Remember Kimberly Rogers, the Ontario Common Front-Sudbury and others from 2 to 4pm on Nov. 20.

Some of the topics we will focus on include: the Kimberly Rogers Inquest; The "Life Time Ban" from Ontario Works (Welfare) or the Ontario Disability Support Programme; and Poor Bashing and the Violation of Basic Human Rights by the Ontario Provincial and Canadian Governments. These are just some of the issues SWAN, the Committee to Remember Kimberly Rogers and the Ontario Common Front - Sudbury will be raising.

At 4:30 pm a rally in support of the Justice With Dignity Campaign launched by the Committee to Remember Kimberly Rogers will take place at the nearby Provincial Building with speakers from Ottawa and Sudbury.

The Organizers in Sudbury will Feed All. A hot meal will be provided at St. Andrew's Place before the SWAN bus returns to Ottawa. Long Term Friendships and Networking as well as a ongoing dialogue will continue long after November 20th.

Kimberly Rogers was a 40 Year old Women Who was 8 Months Pregnant at the time of Her Death. Kimberly Rogers Died Alone on a Hot August Day in the Year 2001. Kimberly Rogers was an A Student in Social Work who wanted to get out of Poverty by getting an Education, a Good Job and to raise Her Child.

SWAN believes:

(1) That Kimberly Rogers and Her Unborn Child need not have Died.

(2) That not another Life should be lost because of the "Life Time Ban" from Social Assistance.

(3) That not another person in Ontario should face a "Life Time Ban" from Ontario Works/Ontario Disability Support Programme.

(4) That municipalities across Ontario should follow the lead of the City of Ottawa by adopting a motion opposing the "Life Time Ban".

(5) That the Ontario Municipal Association also pass a "Life Time Ban" Motion.

(6) SWAN asks that the Ontario Government Rescind the "Life Time Ban" from Social Assistance.

(7) That All Governments stop Violating the Human Rights of the Poor in Ontario & Canada.

For more information, contact:
Bob Busby
Somerset West Action Network
613-788-3355 (Voicemail)
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