Justice With Dignity - Committee to Remember Kimberly Rogers

of the
SWAN (Somerset West Action Network) Bus Visit from Ottawa to Sudbury
to Attend the Coroner's Inquest into the Death of Kimberly Rogers
November 20, 2002

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Photographs courtesy of Bob Crock

Image of SWAN membes walking to the Court House just shortly after they arrived in Sudbury.

Above picture shows Gary Kinsman, on the far left, an activist with the Ontario Common Front (OCF) - Sudbury who along with the Committee to Remember Kimberly Rogers, were the local hosts to SWAN.
Gary was one of three co-founders of the Justice with Dignity Campaign.

In the centre, is Bob Busby, an anti-poverty activist with the Somerset West Action Action Network (SWAN)
holding a Justice with Dignity sign. Bob was the principal organizer for the SWAN visit.
Bob is on the board of directors of the Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC) who are serving as counsel
to the Ontario Social Safety NetWork (OSSN) and the legal clinics' Steering Committee on Social Assistance (SCSA)
who have joint standing at the Inquest into the death of Kimberly Rogers. Bob was instrumental in the launch of
Feed the Kids AND Pay the Rent Campaign and is extremely active lobbying all levels of government
for social and co-operative housing. . Bob was the principal organizer for the SWAN visit.

There were approx. 60 people participating in the Silent Vigil in front of the court house.

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