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Board Development Toolkit
Board Chair - Sample Job Description



Board Chair/President - Sample Job Description



The Board of Directors is the legal authority for _____________________________.

As a member of the Board, a Director acts in a position of trust for the community and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization.

The Chair/President is also responsible and accountable to the membership.


Completed two years of Board membership term and have an understanding of parliamentary procedures.


The Chair/President serves for a two-year term.


  • Commitment to the work of the organization

  • Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Board governance: policy, finance, programs, and/or personnel

  • Willingness to serve on at least one committee

  • Attendance at monthly Board meetings

  • A time commitment of 5-8 hours per month, (includes Board preparation, meeting, committee and meeting time)

  • Attendance at Annual General Meeting

  • Be informed of the services provided by _____________________________ and publicly support them

  • Prepare for and participate in the discussions and the deliberations of the Board

  • To foster a positive working relationship with other Board members, and _____________________________ staff

  • Be aware and abstain from any conflict of interest


  • Establishes overall long and short term goals, objectives and priorities for ____________________________ in meeting the needs of the community

  • Be the primary spokesperson for _____________________________ to the media and community at large

  • Address Annual General Meeting

  • Chair the Executive Committee

  • Report to Board on status of major programs

  • A signing authority on behalf of the Board for financial and legal purposes

  • Represent the organization to Government and Municipal officials

  • Provides leadership and direction to the Board

  • Arrange for Vice to Chair meetings in the absence of the Chair

  • Represent the _____________________________ at community functions

  • In conjunction with the Executive Committee set monthly Board meeting agenda

  • Enhance relationships with other community groups and agencies

  • In conjunction with the Executive Committee provide guidance and leadership

  • Ensure Board members receive agenda and minutes in a timely manner

  • Adhere to general duties outlined in the board member job description


  • Annually review the Chair/President's job description. Recommended changes are presented to the Board for ratification.

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