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Goals & Objectives

BIAN Strives to Empower
Individuals Affected by Brain Injury,
to Improve their Potential and Lead Fuller Lives.

Our motto is A-S-P-I-R-E

and the following represent our goals & objectives:


  • Increase awareness of the effects & consequences of acquired brain injury;

  • Affect public and professional attitudes regarding brain injury;

  • Provide advocacy (individual & systemic), support, information, referral & linkage;

  • Provide vocational/avocational, social, & recreational opportunities to assist members with community reintegration;

  • Foster measures to promote injury prevention, quality care, education & research;

  • Empower persons living with the effects of brain ASPIRE for growth & personal development.

ASPIRE: (dictionary definition): v.i. Feel ernest desire or ambition; reach high...

  • Advocacy & Awareness

  • Support

  • Prevention

  • Information

  • Research & Referral

  • Education


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