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  • A self-supporting, volunteer-driven, non-profit organization, founded by Barbara Anello in 1990, in response to the lack of information, support, education, and appropriate treatment opportunities available for individuals living with the effects of acquired brain injury;

  • We have responded (since 1991) to over 600 requests annually, for Information and Referral, from Survivors, Family Members and Service Providers from Northeastern Ontario;

  • BIAN is comprised of a diversity of professionals working in the field of brain injury and of course, individuals (survivors, family members and caregivers) living with the effects of brain injury;

  • BIAN, formerly known as the Brain Injury Association of North Bay & District and also known as the Head Injury Association of North Bay & District, made its first WEB presence on the Internet in mid 1995. For a glimpse of our past, click here to view our first site.




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