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BC Premier, Gord Campbell Arrested for Drunk Driving
Fri. Jan. 10th while vacationing in Hawaii

  mugshot of Gordon Campbell, Liberal Premier BC - arrested for drunk driving on Jan 10 2003 while vacationing in Hawaii

mugshot of
Gordon Campbell
(Liberal) Premier BC


For Immediate Release - Jan. 10, 2003
Office of the Premier

I have made a serious mistake, and I want to apologize to everyone including my family, my colleagues and the people of British Columbia.

Last night, I was returning home from dinner with friends, and the Maui police pulled me over. I was arrested and charged with driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. I do not intend to contest the charge.

I will make myself available to the media Sunday, Jan. 12, at 3 p.m. at a location to be determined.

Gordon Campbell


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Louise Knox, President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) said in a press release (Jan-11-03): "Premier Campbell should step down until all matters surrounding this charge of impaired driving are resolved," says the MADD Canada President. "He should step down until his court appearance, and if he is convicted, he should fulfill his obligations to his sentence before returning as Premier."

B.C. Finance Minister Gary Collins called the premier's behaviour a "human and very terrible mistake," but argued there was no reason for a resignation. "It's a personal issue," said Collins, who talked to Campbell in private on Saturday. "It has nothing to do with his job as premier."

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Media Coverage of Premier Campbell's DUI Charge & Arrest

Ex-Squatters Invite Premier to Discuss Alcohol & Substance Misuse dd Jan 12, 2003

BC Premier Gordon Campbell's website: http://www.gov.bc.ca/prem/

And because we just couldn't resist ....

Campbell Arrested in HAWAII!

Campbell arrested in Hawaii -- book him danno! -- with thanks to Jerry of Mouseland

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