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How to Turn Off your Screensaver

"HOW DO YOU TURN OFF YOUR SCREEN SAVER? Sure would like an answer to this question, if possible. Thanks!"


The answer to your question can be found in your <Display Properties>.

Use your right mouse button and single-click in an open area on your desktop. You’ll get a little pop-up menu. At the bottom of this menu is an option called <Properties>. Single-click on this option.

The <Display Properties> window opens. At the top of the screen is a row of tabs. Single-click on the one marked <Screen Saver>. Single-click on this tab and you’ll access your screensaver settings.

Halfway down this screen you’ll see a box with the name of your screensaver in it. Single-click the arrow next to the right of this box and you’ll open a pull-down window that lists all your possible screensavers. Scroll up to the very top of this menu and you’ll find an option called <None>. Single-click this option.

Now that you’ve selected <None>, you’ll have to save your changes. Single-click the <Apply> button at the bottom of the screen, and then single-click on <OK>. You’ve now disabled your screensaver.

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