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July 20, 2006

Open Letter/Petition to Mr. Harper demanding that the Gov't of Canada stop supporting Israeli violence
I hope you will add your names to this Open Letter/Petition to Harper demanding that the Gov't of Canada stop supporting Israeli violence. We would like to get as many signatures as possible. Please feel free to forward to all individuals that may be willing to support our cause and invite them to sign as well. Read More


May 5, 2006

AUTISM: the Latest Prevalence Rates in USA - Now 1 in 175
Below is the latest bombshell in the USA about the prevalence rates for autism. Clearly, this is getting media attention in the USA. We need to capitalize on this and send this information to all MPs and Senators, especially Tony Clement, the Minister of Health, and ask them for the corresponding study results in Canada and what are they doing about it?

Clearly, this would support our case that the government needs to mandate the Public Health Agency with monitoring what the heck is going on and using this data to feed into policy development.

I am asking all parents, family and friends of children with autism to send this to their MPs, and the Health Minister, with the request that the government recognize the problem and monitor the situation in Canada. 
Contact info for The Hon. Tony Clement, Minister of Health:

Parliamentary Address
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Telephone: (613) 944-7740
Fax: (613) 992-5092
E-Mail: Clement.T@parl.gc.ca

Study Finds 0.55% of Kids Autistic
Wall Street Journal
May 5, 2006, Byline: Associated Press, Section: Technology & Health; Page: B2

More Cases of Autism Reported; About 1 in every 175 U.S. schoolchildren has the disorder, a national survey finds
Los Angeles Times
May 5, 2006, Byline: Thomas H. Maugh II, Section: Main News; National Desk, Page: A-14

300,000 Children in U.S. Found to Have Autism
Washington Post
May 5, 2006, Byline: Shankar Vedantam, Section: A Section, Page: A09

National Briefing Health And Science: Study On Autism
New York Times

May 5, 2006, Section: National Desk; Page 19.

Read More & Take ACTION



April 16, 2006

Sign a Petition to End the Clawback of the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS)

Background Information
NCBS Backgrounder
The Welfare Wall -- Hiding the Truth about Poverty
Charter Challenge of the National Child Benefit Supplement
Legal Challenge to the NCBS Clawback from Families on Social Assistance

Poverty in Canada & the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS) Claw Back

June 8, 2004
Beijing + 10 Review: A Feminist Strategy for 2004-05, A Working Paper for NGOS on How to Move Forward PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
This paper emerged from the Center for Women's Global Leadership's (CWGL) various activities and meetings to contribute to efforts towards making women's participation more decisive in the UN review of the Beijing Platform for Action BPFA and the Millennium Declaration and Development Goals (MDG).

February 1, 2004
Call For Action: Maternity & Parental Leave Threatened
The following Appeal was drafted by a small group of feminist activists -- Bev Bain, Maryann Bird, Barbara Cameron, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Shelagh Day, Martha Friendly, Martha Jackman, Kerry McCuaig and Leah Vosko -- who see an urgent need for a collective response to protect maternity and parental leave benefits offered through Employment Insurance. We ask you to read our Appeal, act on it and circulate it through your networks. Read More =>


November 21, 2003

The Liberal government's first Throne Speech ignored the Liberal Party's campaign promise to increase welfare benefits by the cost of living for the first time in eight years.
Social Services Minister Sandra Pupatello said the government can't afford to increase benefits now because of the $5.6 billion deficit left by the former Tory government. 'Our goal will be to do exactly that ... timing is going to be the issue... because we have some huge fiscal challenges,' she said.

It is absolutely essential that MPPs across the province hear from their constituents that this is an outrageous violation of promises made during the election, and a callous disregard for the lives of the people who have been suffering for years without enough income to survive in the richest province in one of the richest countries in the world. Call your MPP today, and demand that they take immediate steps to raise the rates. Ontario MPP contact information available at http://olaap.ontla.on.ca/mpp/contact.jsp

November 19, 2003
Amnesty International Canada ACTION Alert - Uncovering the truth: Why was Maher Arar deported to Syria
Canadian citizen Maher Arar was subjected to torture, repeated interrogation and horrific conditions while being held without charge for over a year in Syria. His fundamental rights were violated after being detained in the in the US in September 2002 and accused of links to "terrorism". Amnesty International is calling for a public inquiry into what role, if any, Canadian law enforcement and security agencies played in his deportation to Syria. Without the answers, there is no guarantee it won't happen again. Read More || TAKE ACTION: Sign the online petition

November 18, 2003
ACTION Alert - Liberals Fast track New Adams Mine Bid
Nov. 18, 2003 - Public Concern Temiskaming:
Barely 30 days into office, the new Liberal government has made the shocking decision to issue a draft permit to drain the Adams Mine. The draft permit sets the stage for Adams Mine Rail Haul to begin pumping 26 million litres of groundwater out of the pit, everyday for to up two years. Once drained, the pit will then be filled with garbage. The move flies in the face of an election promise by Premier Dalton McGuinty to halt all development at Adams Mine pending a full review of the controversial project. Read More =>

September 16, 2003
Political Campaign in Support of Bilquis & Imran
Disabled woman & her teenaged son to be deported - Reason(s) given: "Cost" to Canadians - Contact Members of Parliament Today!

August 19, 2003
Amina Lawal: continuing appeals process to prevent execution by stoning
TAKE ACTION: Please sign the Amnesty International Petition

July 23, 2003
Canadian ISM activist, Tarek Loubani, arrested and beaten by Israeli police
A London Ontario activist named Tarek Loubani was arrested by the Israeli police while working with International Solidarity Movement (ISM) peace activists some time ago. Though the arrest was outrageous enough (they were merely observers to monitor and prevent human rights abuses in the occupied territories of Palestine), the treatment they have received in prison is nothing short of shocking. Read the 8 updates on the issue, including a note that Tarek slipped to attornies during preliminary trials. In this note Tarek describes beatings and solitary confinement conditions that he has been subjected to while in prison. We urge everyone reading this to contact your MP and Bill Graham, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (graham.b@parl.gc.ca) to express their outrage at this situation. This is especially relevant to the government given the recent beating death of Zahra Kazemi, the Canadian photo journalist, in Iran. Read More =>

July 9, 2003
Pay the Rent Lobby Blitz
Take Action to raise the shelter allowance portion of Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program to average rent levels. Phone, fax or email your MPPs on July 17 and August 7 to deliver the message that social assistance rates must be raised so that everyone can pay the rent, feed themselves and if they have children, feed the kids. Take Action =>

July 8, 2003

The Coca Cola Campaign - Boycott Coca-Cola
22nd July 2003 - International Day of Action

Coca Cola & Nestlé both stand accused of serious human rights violations in Colombia. While Nestlé sack union members, Coca Cola kill them. Paramilitary Death Squads, acting under orders from Coca Cola management, have assassinated 8 trade union leaders in their workplaces. The union, SINTRAMINERCOL, has responded by calling for an international boycott of Coca Cola & all of their products, starting 22 July

July 2, 2003
Make Trade Fair - Cotton Pickin' Madness
US cotton subsidies mean big bucks for big business in the US, but they spell ruin for millions of African cotton farmers. It doesn’t sound very fair does it? It isn’t - but now’s your chance to do something about it. Take Action =>

June 30, 2003
Say “NO” to Hong Kong’s Proposed Article 23 Legislation
On July 9, 2003 the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) is attempting to implement the globally opposed Article 23 legislation due to pressure from China. Article 23 poses a great threat to the civil liberties and basic freedoms to the people of Hong Kong and those who set foot on Hong Kong soil... Article 23 gives the police total power. Police won’t need a court order or evidence to search homes or to arrest law abiding citizens. Read More & Take Action =>

June 28, 2003
Save Maryam Rajavi - leader of Iranian Resistance movement

Condemn human rights violations in Iran

April 18, 2003
Abortion in Nepal Legal but Women Still Imprisoned
TAKE ACTION to support the release of Women in Prison in Nepal. Despite the legalization of abortion in Nepal last September, 50 women remain imprisoned on abortion and related offences.
Read More


March 25, 2003
Games ... or Bread? Take Action
Email members of the IOC to reject the Vancouver-Whistler Olympic Bid in June - Say NO to GAMES at the expense of BC People with disAbilities!

Email members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to tell them about the human rights scandal that will unfold in British Columbia if the BC Government wins the Vancouver Olympic Bid and follows through on the $350 million provincial Olympic commitment ... while it continues to cut BC's Ministry of Human Resources budget by $254 million and undertakes re-definitiions and reassessments of people with medical disabilities in order to balance its budget. (And it has legislatively required itself to balance its budget). Read More =>


February 27, 2003
Federally Sentenced Women Prisoners Begin Hunger Strike
Women inside Springhill Institution Protest Unjust Conditions

Three Aboriginal women imprisoned in a segregation unit at Springhill Institution, a men’s prison in Nova Scotia, started a hunger strike last night at midnight. The women began their non-violent action to protest the prison administration’s refusal to address their long-standing grievances. Read More & Take Action =>


February 27, 2003
Contact the UN Today
Email UN Members to express support for efforts in the Security Council to assure that int'l inspections are given sufficient time & resources to achieve the containment & disarmament of Iraq without resorting to war. Read more =>


February 11, 2003
Feb 14 National Day of Action - Campaign for Equal Marriage
On Valentine's Day, the national LGBT equality rights organisation Egale Canada is inviting same-sex couples across the country, together with their families, supporters and friends, to present themselves at their local marriage registry office and ask for a marriage licence. In what has been dubbed a campaign of "civil obedience", this day of action will draw country-wide attention to the fact that same-sex couples cannot yet get legally married. In many cases, the city/town would like to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples, but the federal government prohibits this.

January 28, 2003
Take Action on ODSP Reform
Access to ODSP Campaign - Ontario Disability Support Program

Contact Brenda Elliott, Minister MCFCS urging her to Adopt the Recommendations of the ODSP Action Coalition & Make the ODSP Accessible to People with Disabilities

January 21, 2003
Call for Support re: Human Rights for People with Transsexualism in Australia

* Read the submission from the Australian W-O-M-A-N Network
Transsexualism and the Case for Correction of Birth Records In Victoria, Australia (Word doc. size: 92 kb)
* Read
a copy of DAWN Ontario's letter of support sent to the Hon. Rob Hulls, MP and copy to Louise Glanville
* Read a copy of the letter from the Australian W-O-M-A-N Network.

December 28, 2002
Take Action on Medicare:
Crucial decisions that will affect our future will be made in the upcoming First Ministers’ meeting on health care planned for early 2003. Prime Minister Chrétien and the Premiers must hear strong and loud the voice of Canadians who are eager to strengthen Medicare. We urge you to sign the online petition that we have created demanding full implementation of the Romanow Report recommendations. It only takes a minute! Please access the petition at:


Post Rogers Inquest Action Alert Dec. 20, 2002
Letter Writing Campaign - Ban the Welfare Bans

Oppose “Article 23”
Dec. 18, 2002
On Sept. 24, 2002, the Hong Kong government published proposals to implement Article 23 of the Basic Law. The deadline for the consultation period is Dec.r 24, 2002.Read More =>

Sign an Online Petition by the Global Coalition Against Article 23 at http://www.againstarticle23.org/en/emailform.php.
Sign the Online Signature Campaign Form Against Article 23 at http://www.againstarticle23.org/join/index.php?action=add

Don't Buy Me GAP For X-mas
Dec. 15, 2002

Take Action! Tell Everyone You Know: "Don't Buy Gap This Holiday Season!" http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/antigap
In factory after factory—in Bangladesh, El Salvador, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mexico, and southern Africa—workers making Gap clothes have reported beatings from supervisors, desperately low wages, unsafe working conditions, and harsh repression when they stand up for their rights.

This holiday season, join hundreds of thousands of concerned people across the country in helping Gap workers fight back. Tell the Gap that you are taking Gap products off your holiday list this year. And most important, share this message with everyone you know.

Through this international campaign, we can make the Gap improve the lives of thousands of workers around the world. Read More =>

Friends of Falun Gong Rescue Committee - Postcard Campaign asking the Hon. Jean Cretién, Prime Minister of Canada, to hear the voice of the growing list of Canadians requesting that he clearly and publicly condemn the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China when he meets with Jiang Zemin, the President of China, during the APEC Summit in October 2002.

Sign an Open letter to Hong Kong Officials and Citizens
re: the trial currently underway in Hong Kong

STOP BILL 58 TAKE ACTION - Selling any part of Hydro One would be bad for Ontario - June 24, 2002

Action Alert - Bill 118 - June 13, 2002
Directory of Media Sources
Voice your disappointment that the Conservative gov't
voted against NDP MPP Tony Martin's Bill 118 to raise ODSP


Campaign to Save Medicare
In the face of new threats to Medicare from the Mazankowski Report, the
Kirby Commission, and statements from Ernie Eves and other Tory leadership hopefuls, local meetings are being organized around Ontario to plan an urgent and unprecedented campaign to save Medicare. Get Involved!

Feed the Kids AND Pay the Rent Campaign
DAWN Ontario, along with growing provincial and community support, is challenging the provincial government to raise shelter allowance rates so they adequately reflect the actual cost of living. It asks the question: "shouldn't social assistance cover the average cost of rent, as well as the other necessaries of day-to-day living?"

We are also working to raise awareness of the impact of the inadequate shelter allowance rates that are leading to increased hunger and homelessness. Many in the community are forced to choose between paying the rent and eating, and for those with children, the ultimate choice is often between paying the rent or feeding the kids. We believe that unless there is a change in the welfare benefit levels this situation will only get worse.


Action - Petition Alert dd April 7, 2002

Petition to the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada
Download or print the Petition as a Word doc
Download or print the Petition in
Rich Text Format


Action Alert dd March 31, 2002

Beijing-Style Repression & Police Tactics Emerge in Hong Kong
Take Action - Send Letters to Chinese officials

Urgent Action Alert for Changchun, China - Email Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Fear for Safety/Fear of Torture or iIl-treatment
Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun City

Action Alert dd March 30, 2002

April 2, 2002 | ... throughout Ontario
Plan to Join the OPSEU Solidarity Pickets on April 2, 2002
45,000 members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) have been out on strike since March 13, 2002. They need our support now more than ever. After 7 years of harmful, sometimes deadly policies by the Tory government, it's time to rebuild our public services.

Remember Walkerton, Dudley George, Ontario public services devastated, the poor abandoned, health care chaos, schools starved of cash ... the list goes on.

Enough is Enough!
Labour councils throughout Ontario are working with OPSEU to determine time and location of solidarity pickets for Tuesday, April 2. Plan to join the line! Details of picket locations will be listed on OFL web site at www.ofl-fto.on.ca. The longer the line, the shorter the strike!


URGENT Action Alert dd March 29, 2002

revised April 4, 2002

Please Write the Honourable William Graham, Minister of Foreign Affairs
re: Yue-li Yang, of Beijing China, a 62 year, old Falun Gong Practitioner
and retired scientist who worked in the Aerospace industry
(mother of Charles Yang, living/working in Toronto).

Yue-li Yang was sentenced on Dec 2001 without trial to 18 months to "re-education through Labour" (currently she is at the Xin-An Labour Camp) because she refused to renounce her faith. She has not been permitted ANY visitors or allowed to receive calls (even murders and rapists are permitted visitors in Chinese prisons, but Yue-li Yang is not) or even the delivery of clean clothes or personal hygiene items in more than 4 months ago!

PLEASE follow this Link for Sample Letter and Background information

Action Alert dd March 28, 2002

Re: Misuse of Power & Abuse/Victimization of Aborginal Women by self-proclaimed "Chief" Dennis Pashe of the Dakota Tipi First Nation

There is an Aboriginal Reserve community not far from Winnipeg called
Dakota Tipi First Nation. Over the years, there have been stories of abuse
of power by the self proclaimed Chief, Dennis Pashe, but more recently,
several of the women have spoken out. Their stories speak of intimidation,
no access to basic services, and concern about the band and council
expenditures. An election held off reserve, but to which all Band members
were invited, elected Marge Prince as interim Chief.

Several Manitoba women's groups are deeply concerned that the Interim Chief
and her supporters are at risk on Dakota Tipi First Nation reserve. They
are asking that an election be held, which can be done under section 74 of
the Indian Act.

The following letter could be sent to the Minister of Indian Affairs, and
could make all the difference in the Minister taking action. He has put a
deadline of March 31st as to when a decision will be made about the future
of this community.

The address is:
House of Commons,
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
or e-mail: naultr@parl.gc.ca

Be sure to send a copies of your letter to:



Dear Minister Nault,

It has come to our attention that some serious human rights abuses are taking place on the Dakota Tipi First Nation, south of Portage la Prairie. Dennis Pashe, self-proclaimed chief, has fired all Band members who have opposed him, has been with-holding social assistance payments, has prevented access to essential services, has verbally and physically intimidated Band members, cutting off phone lines and otherwise creating an emergency situation on the reserve.

The consequences of this have been the formation of a group of women who must travel to the city to pick up food from Manitoba Harvest in order to feed their families. With on-reserve jobs being no longer accessible to ostracized band members now making up approximately half of the reserve population and the withholding of social security payments, merely scraping together enough gas money to make the trips into Winnipeg is a challenge.

Recent additional intimidation tactics have been the implementation of a degrading and unfair workfare program, the termination of Hydro payments, and the imposition of rent payments on housing that the Band is responsible for providing which is essentially an attempt to legally evict families from their homes. Children of ostracized families are not being picked up by the school bus and are therefore not attending school. Those who are unwelcome on reserve vote with their feet by moving off reserve. Dennis Pashe does not allow band members residing off reserve any say in band leadership selection. Dennis Pashe claims band custom supports his position.

Dennis Pashe has vilified the women who have spoken out against him in the press and in the courts. He has called them "healthy people who do not want to work" and has attempted to tarnish their character by painting them as a violent threat to his well-being and that of other band council members. Our experience meeting with these women has proved the exact opposite. They are mothers speaking out against injustice and supporting their children.

They should be entitled to social assistance payments after being wrongly dismissed from their jobs. Elderly people are not receiving pension payments they are entitled to. Post-secondary education funding is being denied. Under these conditions, people on the reserve, mainly women, children, youth and the elderly are being denied access to food, education, health services and resources that would aid in finding employment. These are human rights abuses as well as abuses under the charter of rights for political discrimination.

The Department of Indian Affairs has been approached by the women from the Dakota Tipi First Nation, and other concerned citizens. The human rights of these people are being violated under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Federal Department of Indian Affairs is responsible for the well-being of these people yet has done nothing to remedy the situation. A meeting held by the community March 14 specifically asks for INAC to supervise an election under Section 74 of the Indian Act.

Additionally, the accountability of the department is under question when they are fully aware that tax money allocated to the band members is not being properly handled and is in fact being used to intimidate and repress half of the band population. How would the department account for these monies? Where is PSE money going? Where are pension payments going? Where is housing money going?

It is not acceptable that any person be treated this way in a country that prides itself on being number one in the world to live in. It is even more unacceptable that these people are being turned away, not taken seriously and treated as second-class citizens by the government.

Native self-government is an important step in rectifying the situation of aboriginal peoples whose power and agency has been eroded away by the Canadian Government since its formation. However, it is imperative that the Federal Government not dodge its obligations when it is responsible for setting up the system that allows such abuses to take place. Meeting these women has proved to us that native self-government is feasible, for they are determined, knowledgeable, responsible and concerned for the well-being of their community.

Unless and until Minister Nault declares that this band conduct elections under S74 of the Indian Act (and thereby allows a supervised secret ballot vote of all band members on and off reserve in accordance with independent rules enforced with integrity) there will not be democracy and accountable leadership. There is no other viable option.

We urge that the Department of Indian Affairs work actively with these women to better their situation. We understand there will be a decision on March 31 regarding the governance of Dakota Tipi. Please advise us as to what measures will be taken to ensure the safety of these women and their children.


Action Alert dd Feb 21 2002

With the annual United Nation Human Rights Commission approaching (Geneva, Switzerland, Mar 18, 2002) we would like to ask for your support by signing this open letter encouraging the Canadian government to put forward a resolution censuring China for the violation of basic human rights of it's own citizens.

Open Letter to the Prime Minister

February 21, 2002

The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien
Prime Minister of Canada

309-S, Center Block
House of Commons
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

Fax: (613) 941-6900
E-Mail: pm@pm.gc.ca

Dear Prime Minister,

We, the undersigned organizations from across Canada, are writing to express our concern over human rights abuses in China and to urge the Canadian government to put forward a resolution at the upcoming United Nations Commission for Human Rights in Geneva this March, which condemns these abuses.

We are concerned with continued reports that many religious and spiritual groups, and their members, are being persecuted for their beliefs; Christians, Roman Catholics, Tibetans, Falun Gong to name but a few. The systematic persecution of Falun Gong is a well-documented example of the severity that this repression of fundamental freedoms can reach under the current regime in China.

Human Rights Watch mentioned in a recent report that, “The Chinese government has used increasingly violent tactics as Falun Gong followers have mounted peaceful demonstrations against the crackdown. It has also used administrative detention procedures to hold followers in re-education camps and psychiatric facilities. The Chinese judiciary has reinterpreted existing law to facilitate arrests of Falun Gong supporters.”

Amnesty International stated that, in regards to the Falun Gong, and religious groups in China “The human rights violations appear in many forms: arbitrary arrests and confinements, torture, unlawful processes, long term confinements without conviction or hearing, administrative penalties without a process of law, and frequently applied death penalty [… ] the number of Falun Gong practitioners that have died in prison has risen exponentially from 124 in the beginning of 2001 to more than 350 now. Most of the adherents have collapsed from injuries inflicted by severe torture.”

China's jailing of a Hong Kong businessman for smuggling Bibles to the mainland has sparked deep worry among Christian groups in the territory with close links to their brethren across the border.

Furthermore, many other third-party organizations have documented the unlawful detention, torture, psychiatric mistreatment, and even murder of innocent and peaceful people who only wish to uphold their respective beliefs or faiths, and have the right to practice them.

We believe that the Canadian government is indeed well-informed regarding the extent of theses abuses which violate international treaties China has signed, as well as her own laws and constitution. It is now time for our government to take a clear and public action regarding these violations of fundamental human rights by the Chinese government against its citizens and world citizens.

The United States puts forward a motion censuring China every year at the UNCHR. This year, they will not be participating in the meeting. We hope that Canada - with its commitment to human rights -will take the lead on this matter, demonstrating greater international leadership in this area, and not let these tragedies against humanity go unaddressed.

They have certainly not gone unnoticed.

We hereby ask that Canada initiate a resolution at the UNCHR in March 2002, censuring China for the gross violation of basic human rights.

Let this year’s UNCHR meeting in Geneva herald in a new chapter for basic freedoms in China.

Let Canada play her role as a great leader for a peaceful, tolerant, and harmonious world, and let other countries follow her lead in taking a great step forward to ensure such a world, one we can be proud of passing on to future generations - of all peoples.


[ Please enter your name or the name of Your Organization ]

email copy to dawn@thot.net Subject: China's Human Rights


THE JIANG Zemin regime in China seldom misses a chance to poison people's minds. Witness the vague but alarmist announcement last Thursday that a "suspicious substance" had been found in a letter mailed to an American company.

The spokesman claimed the substance was placed in a booklet from Falun Gong, the meditation practice once lauded by the government but now enduring the most far-ranging and brutal persecution campaign since the Cultural Revolution.

With the world watching Shanghai, where Prime Minister Jean Chretien and other leaders were gathered for the international APEC meeting, and with the heightened state of alert over anthrax in North America, the real terrorists in China seized the moment, and directed attention away from their actions.

One of the terrorist instruments there is the regime's secretive "610 Office," completely above the law and charged with eradicating Falun Gong - tens of millions of peaceful people striving to live by the principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.

Tens of thousands are suffering in prisons, labour camps, and mental hospitals due to the 610 Office. Government insiders say more than 1,000 have died from physical and psychological torture.

The true terrorist threat in China now is its rulers. They systematically use violence, propaganda and fear to dominate everyone inside China, and export their terror to other nations, including ours.

Our government and business leaders should see this clearly as they negotiate coalitions and deals. They should press for change - it's in all our best interests.

DAWN Ontario Friends of the Falun Gong


January 21, 2002
Join the Campaign to Save Medicare

In the face of new threats to Medicare from the Mazankowski Report, the Kirby Commission and statements by Ernie Eves and other Tory leadership hopefuls, local meetings are being organized around the province to plan an urgent and unprecedented campaign to save Medicare. Get Involved! Follow this link to find out more about the Campaign and meetings in your area. Follow this link For essential background documents.

Ontario Health Coalition (OHC)
Tel: 416-441-2502
Email: ohc@sympatico.ca
URL: www.web.net/ohc

December 21, 2001
Urgent Appeal - Imminent Massacres in Colombia

Call for Action to Halt the Impending Massacre in
Pacific Coast Region of Colombia

Paramilitaries of the AUC threaten to “celebrate Christmas” by carrying out massacres on the Naya, Cajambre, Yurumangui and Raposo rivers on the Colombian Pacific.

Backgrounder Information
Copy of Letter to John Manley
download Letter as WORD doc
download Letter as RTF doc

December 16, 2001
Falun Dafa (aka Falun Gong) S.O.S.
STOP the killing in China

To date, 323 Falun Gong practitioners have died as a result of police torture.
How you can Help!

Human Rights - Appeal to Action
STOP the Killing & Persecution of
Falun Gong Practitioners in China
December 16, 2001 


December 8, 2001
Stop Bill C-36!

Bill C-36 will End our Right to Democratic Citizenship Participation in Canada!

The National Organization of Immigrant and Visible Minority Women (NOIVMW) has written has written a brief on the Antiterrorism Bill, that was presented in the House of Commons, outlining some of the problems with Bill C-36. Anu Bose, executive Director of NOIVMW, intervened in the Senate and talked to the disparate impact of the Bill, the riks of racial profiling and the possible "blacklisting" of community organizations, and the impact of the Bill on immigrant women.

If you want a copy of the Bill write to: noivmwc@noivmwc.bidcon.net
Or call Anu Bose at: Toll free 1 866 296 8366, or 613 232 0689

December 4, 2001 (revised Dec-11-2001)
Appeal to Action

Please act in solidarity by signing the International Solidarity Declaration in support of 17 women in Portugal on trial for practicing abortions. (Please email your support before Dec. 15th.

It should be emailed before December 15th to the European Parliament member, Ilda Figueiredo, at ifigueiredo@europarl.eu.int

CONTEXT From http://news.independent.co.uk/world/europe/story.jsp?story=100439

Portugal's abortion law under attack as women put on trial - By Elizabeth Nash in Madrid - 20 October 2001

Seventeen Portuguese women have gone on trial and face jail sentences of up to three years for illegal abortions.

The trial, the biggest of its kind for many years, which opened near Porto this week, has been condemned by women's groups, family planning organisations and left-wing MPs. They claim it brutally exposes Portugal's abortion law as "astonishing and immoral" because it encourages back-street clinics.

The chorus of calls for urgent reform of one of Europe's most restrictive abortion laws could put the survival of Antonio Guterres's Socialist government at risk. His parliamentary majority is so thin that a defection by just one left-wing MP could bring it down.

Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in Portuguese society. It not only crosses party lines but also lays bare the country's deep gulf between the comparatively wealthy and modern south and the north, which contains some of Europe's deepest pockets of rural poverty and backwardness, and where Catholic bishops still exert huge influence.

Black-clad members of the Right to Choose platform gathered yesterday before an improvised courtroom in a sports hall in the town of Maia, near Porto in northern Portugal where the trial is being held, carrying placards that read: "Abortion: the law is a crime".

Abortion is legal in Portugal but only in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and in cases of malformation of the foetus, rape or serious risk to the physical and psychological health of the woman. Abortions can be done only in government-authorised clinics.

Most of the accused say they terminated their pregnancy for economic, psychological or personal reasons. One, aged 20, has four children, is ill and unemployed, and was abandoned by her husband. Another, aged 16, lives in a caravan with her handicapped brother. Some were in such desperate straits that they paid for their operation by handing over jewellery.

The chief accused is Maria do Ceu Ribeiro, a nurse charged with organising an illegal abortion ring of chemists, doctors, nurses and taxi-drivers from her house. She is accused of stealing instruments, tranquillisers, antibiotics and relaxants from the hospital where she worked.

Mrs Ceu Ribeiro denies the charges. "I never carried out abortions. I am completely against abortion," she told the court. Her clients were "full of fears" having been mistreated and humiliated in hospitals. Most of them had led "a promiscuous life". She added: "We carried out caring work, which went no further than looking after them and helping them abandon unhealthy behaviour."

Altogether 43 are on trial. One is a social worker, who cites a priest as defence witness. She stands accused of directing two women to the clinic.

Duarte Vilar, head of Portugal's Family Planning Association, condemned the trial as "absolutely astonishing" and said it "lays bare the utter hypocrisy that surrounds the abortion issue in Portugal". The law "permits clandestine abortion rings and sends to prison women who have them".

There are thousands of clandestine abortions every year in unauthorised, unhygienic conditions. Many Portuguese travel to Spain for terminations.

The obstacles for those seeking a legal abortion are demonstrated by Portugal's official statistics, which say only 491 took place in 1999. Health workers put the true number nearer 40,000, and say botched abortions are the main cause of maternal mortality in Portugal.

The law has tended to be interpreted leniently. In 1998 and 1999 there were 12 anti-abortion trials, and eight women were convicted.

An attempt at liberalisation in 1998 came to nothing when Mr Guterres, a devout Catholic, declined to implement a draft law allowing abortion on demand up to 10 weeks. He opted for a referendum and urged people to vote as their conscience dictated, adding that he personally would vote "no". The measure was defeated by 51.9 per cent, with an abstention rate of 68 per cent.

The Socialist MP Helena Roseta condemned the trial as "completely immoral" and promised to propose a liberalisation law.


ACTION - International Solidarity Declaration

Please fill in bottom lines and send directly to ifigueiredo@europarl.eu.int

* * *
Declaration of International Solidarity with the Seventeen Women Being
Tried in Portugal for Participation in Underground Abortions

Deeply shocked by the news that in Portugal 17 women are being tried for participating in underground abortions;

Demonstrating their feelings that such a situation represents an intolerable hardship for the 17 Portuguese women accused in this case, an offense against the dignity and rights of women at the beginning of the third millennium, and an assault against the values of civilization which we acknowledge as ours.

Recalling that Portugal has one of Europe's most restrictive and punitive laws concerning voluntary termination of pregnancy: with some limited exceptions, its Criminal Code defines abortion as a crime punishable by up to three years in prison.

Wishing with all their heart that the Portuguese judicial authorities, in an independent and sovereign exercise of their powers, will render natural justice by acquitting the defendants,

The signatories:

Express their active and heartfelt solidarity with the 17 women on trial
for underground abortions in Portugal;

Call on the sovereign bodies, democratic institutions, and political and social powers of Portugal, in the name of the protection of the dignity and health of Portugese women, to advance initiatives for conscious and responsible motherhood and to put an end to the criminalization of abortion and harsh penalties for it currently sanctioned by Portugese law.



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November 30, 2001
Appeal to Action

Please write to Mel Lastman, Mayor of Toronto in an urgent appeal for help for the mother of Bo Li, Xiuzhen Lu currently being held in the Masanjia Labour Camp, Shen Yang City, China.

On October 17, 2001, Ms Xiuzhen Lu, a Flong practitioner for the last 7 years, was illegally arrested again for telling people the truth of Falun Gong. This time, she was sentenced to 3 years in the Masanjia Labour Camp without any trial.

While all Labour Camps in China are living hells, Masanjia Labour Camp is one of the worst. The policemen in this Labour Camp stripped 18 women practitioners and put them in a male criminal prisoners' cell in October 2000.

Please write to Mayor Lastman to ask him for his support. Kindly send a copy notation to: zhaocharlene@hotmail.com

Mr. Mel Lastman,
Mayor, City of Toronto
Toronto City Hall, 2nd floor
100 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

November 25, 2001
Call to Action

Re: Bill 130 - The Conservatives' hostile takeover of the Community Care Access Centres - will be in second reading for three days this week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday). After that the Conservatives can push it through before Christmas. Please act now.

A full listing of MPPs with contact information is available on the Government of Ontario website at www.ontla.on.ca/Members/mailing_addresses/index.htm


November 18, 2001
Call to Action

Letter writing campaign in response to the callous disregard shown by the University of Toronto towards its most prestigious senior women academics who are living on unfair and inadequate pensions.

The University should recognize and reward the extraordinary scholarly, ambassadorial, and life-long mentoring roles played by their outstanding pioneer women faculty, including Professors Emeritae Phyllis Grosskurth (English) and Ursula Franklin (Metallurgy).

No one in touch with the statistics can deny that academic women in Canada have suffered, and continue to suffer, from a gender-based wage gap, clearly much wider in the past than now, but still standing at 94.5%, or roughly $5,000 on average per woman per year.

The wage gap translates into the pension gap. The University of Toronto
Administration should be ashamed of abandoning these distinguished women retirees.

Write to:

The Hon. H. N. R. Jackman OC
University of Toronto
10th floor, 165 University Ave
Toronto ON
M5H 1G6


November 13, 2001
Call to Action

Please take two minutes to join the European Women's Lobby (EWL) Campaign on Women Asylum Seekers, to pressure the EU to develop a gender-sensitive
'European Policy on Asylum'.

HOW? By signing the electronic petition at: www.womenlobby.org/asylumcampaign/EN/REA/form.asp
Sign before the campaign ends on 15 December 2001

For more info visit : www.womenlobby.org/asylumcampaign


November 5, 2001
Call to ACTION

Day of Protest - Contacty your MP on Monday, November 5th
A new round of trade expansion will speed up global insecurities, not eliminate them. We need to demand of our politicians that the WTO trade talks be halted.
Instead, governments and citizens around the world need to evaluate the WTO and its impact so far. And we need to re-think and re-define the role and responsibilities of government itself in this age of corporate-driven globalization.
We need a new fair trade agenda!

International Week of Protest Against the WTO!
November 9 - 13, 2001

Part of the new negotiating round will include negotiations on key agreements like the GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services), TRIPs (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights) and the AoA (Agreement on Agriculture).
These WTO agreements allow transnational corporations control over every area of our lives -- from healthcare to education to clean and accessible drinking water. We have no say in the decisions our government leaders and their corporate friends are making.


October 29, 2001
Call to ACTION!

Please take action to help stop the war in Afghanistan and promote women's human rights - Sign up to the 12 Points now! In the coming weeks, the 12 Points will be used in lobbying efforts and awareness raising actions around the world. By signing up you will strengthen these efforts and join a growing movement to persuade world governments and the UN that there are alternatives to military action and the cycle of violence, destruction and death.

To register your and/or your organization's support for the 12 Points please send a message to whrnet@whrnet.org containing your name, email address, your organization's full name (if appropriate) and your country.

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October 22, 2001
Citizens' Appeal

The World Trade Organization is quickly becoming the most powerful body on the planet. It plays a huge role in causing global economic insecurity. The WTO is about to launch a New Round of Negotiations amongst its 142 member countries since the failed Round in Seattle. arliamentarians and trade representatives will soon be traveling abroad to quietly negotiate more WTO trade deals that threaten:

* the sell-off of our public services to big business
* protections for workers and basic human rights
* the environment and even democracy itself!

It's time for politicians, big business trade pushers and government negotiators to work for common security- WTO trade deals should reflect people's needs, not corporate greed. Send a message to WTO Cheerleaders to let them know they cannot represent you at the next WTO meetings and that you want them to work on our behalf to develop common security through fair trade. Sign by Nov. 8 before the International DAY OF ACTION against the WTO on Nov. 9 and the CFWTO will deliver your message to the Canadian Government. If you have not already done so, please sign the appeal located at http://www.wtoaction.org/pledge/


October 20, 2001

, the most popular and well-read independent national publication in Canada, is in urgent need of financial support to continue publishing online. Please consider donating whatever you can afford to share.

Donate to rabble here


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October 18, 2001
Call to Action!

Bill C-287 (the GE - genetically engineered - foods bill) was defeated in the House yesterday in a 126 - 91 vote. Read the press release issued by the Council of Canadians, suggesting that Cabinet's ties to the biotechnology sector are just too strong. Recent polls show that 95 per cent of Canadians favour mandatory labelling.

Email to fax your MP today and express your outrage!

"What's Wrong With Genetic Engineering?"
download the WORD version
download the RTF version


October 15, 2001
Call to ACTION!

Bulgaria: Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment
Women inmates at Sanadinovo and
Disabled women condemned to slow death


October 9, 2001
Call for ACTION!

We've added a printable letter to Prime Minister Crétien as part of the Friends of Lucy Lu campaign to requesthe stay the order to deport Lucy.

The text is from the Postcard campaign to support Lucy initiated by Elizabeth Fry Society of Kingston.

PLEASE print, sign and mail.

No postage required if mailed from Canada.

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September 15, 2001
Call to Action!

How you can help suffering Afghan Women

Please sign the Online Petition of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan RAWA condemning the atrocities committed by the fundamentalists in Afghanistan and the Violations of Human Rights, especially WOMEN'S RIGHTS in Afghanistan in the name of Islam.

Petition re: Taliban Gov't in Afghanistan
This is not an urban legend! From ABC News: "The Taliban, one of the world's most isolated and controversial regimes, is considering a proposal to make Hindus wear identity labels to separate them from the majority Muslim population in Afghanistan."
Sign the Online Petition


April 12, 2001
Call to Action!

Sample Action Letter
added to our Tracy Latimer page


March 27, 2001
Call to Action!

The Case of Lucy Lu Supported by DAWN Ontario
Take Action page to support Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu is a Chinese immigrant living in Canada. Lucy Lu was wrongly convicted of a crime in Canada, served time, has been free, living and working in Canada. Suddenly the Canadian government wants to send her back to China where her life will be at risk.


March 22, 2001
Call to Action!

Call to Action: Friends of Tracy Latimer
... we urge you to let your voice be heard. Write to your MP and to Cabinet Ministers

Backgrounder from CCD
Latimer Appeal Scheduled For 27 November 1996
Some Info About Robert Latimer

2 February 2001 Responding to Concerns
18 January 2001 Supreme Court Decides Against Robert Latimer

Friends of Tracy Latimer Take Action page
CCD Latimer Watch

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