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Ontario Domestic Violence Death Review Committee Releases Annual Report

June 20, 2006


Dr. Barry McLellan, Chief Coroner of Ontario, announced today the release of the third annual report of the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee (DVDRC).

The report contains an overview of domestic violence deaths occurring in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 that were reviewed by the committee, along with the statistical analysis of information collected. Recommendations arising from the review are also included in the report.

The DVDRC is an advisory committee and reports directly to the chief coroner. The committee was created in response to recommendations made by the juries in the coroner's inquests in the deaths of Arlene May and Randy Iles (1998), and Gillian and Ralph Hadley (2002), as well as the Joint Committee on Domestic Violence. The committee members are drawn from the health, justice, advocacy and social services sectors.

The DVDRC mandate is to review the circumstances of all intimate partner and ex-partner homicides in Ontario and to identify systemic issues, problems and gaps. The committee has created and maintains a comprehensive database about victims and perpetrators and identifies trends, patterns and risk factor from the cases reviewed. The committee also makes recommendations aimed at preventing similar deaths.

Read the full report:

Domestic Violence Death Review Committee Annual Report to the Chief Coroner 2005
http://www.mpss.jus.gov.on.ca/english/publications/comm_safety/DVDRC_2005.pdf PDF file (PDF KB/153p.)


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