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CALL to ACTION: Upcoming Federal Budget &
Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Council of Canadians with Disabilities  - logo

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

March 10, 2004


The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) is seeking your immediate assistance to deliver a message to the Prime Minister at and the Minister of Finance at regarding the upcoming federal budget and employment of persons with disabilities.

For the past five years federal/provincial/territorial governments have been engaged in a process (In Unison) to address disability issues. A Vision and identification of Best Practices has been agreed upon. Most importantly all provinces, territories and the federal government reached consensus on a new Multi Lateral Agreement on Employment for
Persons with Disabilities.

Now is the time for a commitment of resources not just more words. New monies must be committed to this Employment Agreement if the joint process with the provinces and territories is to continue.

What you can do!

    1. Send an email to Prime Minister Martin at calling for a commitment of new resources for the Federal/Provincial Employment Agreement.

      Remind him of his commitment in the Throne Speech

      "Canada cannot afford to squander the talents of people with disabilities" ...

      "We want a Canada in which citizens with disabilities have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from Canada's prosperity -- as learners, workers, volunteers and family members."

      You might wish to tell the PM that tax initiatives are welcome but alone they will do little to help people with disabilities get jobs. Only federal/provincial/territorial collaboration can do that. Without new resources we risk losing the collaboration of the provinces and territories.

    2. Send an email to Minister of Finance Goodale at

      The message is the same -- the upcoming Budget must commit new resources to the Federal/Provincial Employment Agreement for Persons with Disabilities.

    3. Contact other Members of Parliament to let them know of your concern. MP contact info:

    4. Share this memo or one of your own with others in the disability community and ask for their support and action.

IMPORTANT: These messages must be sent by Friday, March 12th, 2004


A Voter Education & Awareness Campaign  for Women's Equality Rights in Canada


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