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Name: Tania VanNorman
City: Webbwood, Ontario
Message sent: 2005-04-10 21:53:14
Message: I pray to god that you will make a huge difference in the lives of women, men, and children everywhere. We need a better world for all of us. And we all have some kind of disability, whether it is exterior or on the interior. How many of us victims cannot cry or show any emotions. We all have some kind of mental or physical challenges. God Bless and remember "Be good to each other and yourself"!!!

Name: Nick Supreme
City: ny
Message sent: 2005-04-07 16:05:02
Message: Novel idea: Let's make a special parking spot at the mall for stupid fucking speds who can't eat without drooling so they can walk 20 less feet to the door. Yeah, then you can walk 100 fucking miles once you're actually IN the mall!! I'm fucking sick & tired of the pampering cripples get. It' like they're celebrities! Why don't just give them they're own fucking lane for driving in? Wait, that would actually be a good idea. Us normals wouldn't have to drive behind them anymore, and it would make a great target for rock throwing. I bet Randy Johnson threw rocks at cars growing up and NOW look where he is. You fucking speds will never be like Randy Johnson because you're worthless to society and you DON'T deserve to be rewarded for it. So the next time you feel all high & mighty pulling in with your cripple sticks, just know that i want you dead and that i'm going to knife your tires as soon as you get in the mall. Have fun walking granny. Grease up that walker.

Name: Tania VanNorman
Message sent: 2005-04-07 13:19:39
Message: Nick, Nick, Nick, you sound so angry and full of hate. You almost sound like an evil person, how can you be so cruel to a special needs person. Please take a look in the mirror and talk to yourself, are you angry with another person, or your own short comings. take care of yourself, and be nice to others. Food for thought, what if someday you end up being the "crippled one", due to stroke, car accident, bad meds, or unforseen accident. All it takes is a moment in time, to be put in someone elses shoes. god bless and best wishes.

Name: Tania VanNorman
Message sent: 2005-04-07 13:14:14
Message: We Need you Mommy Innocent helpless children face crimes of the home, forced to fend for themselves all alone. Dad walks in late in a stupor drunk, while moms across town sharing a bunk. The children fear they might be heard or seen, when their dads in this state he can be mean. Behind the walls of this small fowl dwelling, the children search for security from dads yelling. Mom's still across town sharing a bunk, she'd be his target in his stupor drunk. Huddled in a corner they cling to one another, protecting the most is their baby brother. Harsh foot steps coming closer stomping from room to room, if found their space of time can be a state of gloom. He finds the dear young ones, who try to survive, their only mistake in life is to be alive. Six big brown eyes look with terror to this man, he reaches down grabs the youngest with his hand. The cry of help on the opposite side of the door, causes the glossy tears from the eyes of four. Moms return couldn't be so better timed, she didn't know just what she'd find. Her youngest son is all bruised and battered, the sight of the children her hearts all shattered. No matter where this mommy has spent her night, to the love thirsting children she feels so right. Her escape from her husbands stupor drunk, is leaving the real world to share a bunk. But where do these children go for their escape? They can't hide forever under a see through drape. Laying by their side she rubs their tummy', Securely they reply, "we need you mommy." Written by Shirley Morrison May 26, 1996

Name: Nick Supreme
Message sent: 2005-04-06 16:50:11
Message: Nothing bugs me more than cripples and their superior parking spots. It's like they're god damn celebrities when they pull in. Who will it be today? Why it's Helen Keller with her stupid grin! To be honest, you shouldn't even be driving a two-ton death machine in you're crippled, let alone retarded. The ultimate slap in the face is when a retard parks in a normal person's spot. MY spot. If i park in your cushy parking space, i get fined $500 so stay the fuck out of mine. You chose the retarded side, the lines have been drawn. Just remember, you are not normal and society will never accept you. And it's not fair that we can only laugh at your horrific deformities in private, not in public. So the next time you feel like acting normal just know that i'm out there and i want you dead. And if i catch you in my parking spot again, i will knock you off your cripple sticks. http://www.planetsupreme.tk

Name: Linda Ahvenniemi
Thunder Bay
Message sent: 2005-04-04 17:01:37
Message: Ed's opinion on the death of Terry Shiavo, started me weeping all over again. As an advocate for persons with disAbilities it saddens me that Terry's life was deemed not worthwhile and it was ended, by her husband. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this had to happen. After 15 years of her parents love and committment her husband pressed forward in his crusade to have his wife die as he has expressed were her wishes. If Terry were in a vegitative state with no chance of any sort of recovery she was legally brain dead. However why not just absolve the marriage and give her back to her parents to make the decisions for Terry. She wasn't aware of what was going on now was she Michael.Tho we all saw her face light up when spoken too by her mother. I urge all people who do not want their non blood relatives to make decisions for them , file a living will. The surviving spouse may not have your best interests at heart. Their heart may be with someone else.

Name: Monika Chappell
Message sent: 2005-04-03 03:16:43
Message: I would like to thank DAWN ontario and in particular Barbara Anello for the demonstration of courage they model to each of us in being public about their stands. Courage to me means standing in the face of fear and adversity and going forward into the at times known and unknown socio-political evironment that surounds us. In the face of what can be daunting and at times unrelenting public criticism DAWN Ontario, led by Barbara Anello, with integrity speaks truth to power. After having read the article by Ingrid Tischer entitled "no Guts No Glory" I feel compelled to to say thank you. I have had many conversations with family and friends of late about Terry. I start from a place of empowerment and in support for Terry's right to live and often end up quiet, frustrated and at times confused about the truth. Thanks for showing me the way. Monika

Name: Bruno
Lindsay, Ontario
Homepage address: http://www.rmh.org
Message sent: 2005-03-31 18:37:00
Message: Hey little dickie from Lindsay, not Toledo Would love to get you in the ER and put you out of your misery, you pathetic excuse for a human. Get back to work A-Hole. BH

Name: Dick Clarke
Message sent: 2005-03-31 18:03:25
Message: Who would want to live their life like that. Get real. I guess at least people will think about a living will. What did you do today Terri. I took a breath and took up space

Name: Kaitlynn
City: Woodstock
Message sent: 2005-03-31 09:11:31
Message: we are the invisible ones

Name: John
Message sent: 2005-03-29 03:08:46
Message: Great Site! Keep up the good work!

Name: Maria Gatti
Message sent: 2005-03-21 15:22:56
Message: Dear Friends - I beg to disagree with you about assisted suicide. It is a CHOICE. People who do not live with disabilities that prevent them from carrying out that choice have many means of doing so. Disabled people need support and help to do whatever they want with their lives - even end them, as all people may do. Disabled or not, keep your hands - and your bloody religion - off my body. It is a shame that pro-life rhethoric has sullied such an important cause as equality and support for disabled people.

Name: bruce
Message sent: 2005-03-20 22:37:30
Message: Your site is great - you have done a terrific job. Lots of success.

Name: conoley bal
Message sent: 2005-03-20 20:33:22
Message: nice site well done

Name: mike
Message sent: 2005-03-20 16:44:46
Message: I really enjoyed your website. Good luck in your work.

Name: Sally
Message sent: 2005-03-20 09:21:45
Message: love your site

Name: Drill
City: Lima
Message sent: 2005-03-14 08:43:16
Message: Nice site. Nice design, visitors-friendly content. Greate site! Keep up the good work. Congratulations!

Name: Jim Youngs
Message sent: 2005-03-01 00:24:21
Message: Keep up the great work

Name: Harry Peters

Message sent: 2005-02-20 20:33:32
Message: Nice site!

Name: Steve Wallace
Message sent: 2005-02-15 21:33:06
Message: While I was on my lunch break and saw your website and found it to be very interesting.

Name: Jennifer Lara
Message sent: 2005-02-12 02:43:51
Message: I love the website, find it very informational. I am doing a research project for my senior year as an undergrad on women with disabilities and issues of sexuality (views, knowledge, misconceptions, etc.) I was wondering if anyone would have information that may be of use or any previous studies/surveys that have been conducted. Thanks!

Name: Susan Papa-DiMattei
Message sent: 2005-02-12 02:21:50
Message: very nice site

Name: Alice Daniels
Revelstoke, British Columbia
Message sent: 2005-02-07 01:32:20
Message: I would like to join your email list. I am already on the povnet lists.

Name: shan
Message sent: 2005-02-01 12:15:29
Message: Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to post comments. Mental diseases are on alarming rise these days!!!!!! Reasons:: fast paced life style, loss of general society values, rise of individual focus etc. Its sad to see the downfall of humen. The deep chasm between the materilaistic growth and spiritual growth is surely the main reason for all this. There are so called medicines like Xanax, valium, prozac which may probably help give temporary releif to patients suffering from mental ailments. But does the answer really lie in these medicines??? Probably NO!!...I would advice such patients to help themselves with yoga and meditation. This possibly is the surest way to relieve mental stress. regards shan

Name: Andre

Message sent: 2005-01-21 14:32:46
Message: Thank you for this excellent interview. Achewood is my favorite! :)))

Message sent: 2005-01-11 12:01:11
Message: I am a disabled woman from Kenya. We have an organisation called Women Challenged to Challenge.We would like to network with your organisation.Our e- mail address is 'thechallenged@mail.wapd.org'

Name: Laura McGill
Message sent: 2004-12-15 21:51:06
Message: Hi! i am a part of the FEAT team fighint gor heath care for our chridrem with autism. And i just wanted to say thank you so much for your support. It will help us go a long way. Thank you so much! And good luck.

Name: Neila
City: Nanimo
Country of Origin:: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Sat September 18 2004 10:30 AM

Hello. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this website, and how appreciative I am that this information is available to everyone. Truley inspiring.

Name: Gerry Duffett
City: Toronto
Country of Origin::
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Sun September 12 2004 03:30 PM

Jan 11 2004 To Whom It Might Concern. Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the Toronto Sun newspaper about an article that was published.This incident that happened to me is an odd health and safety issue. Here is a situation where a union might have made a difference. I will be sending more letters to various groups in the up coming year.

Hi Mr Margolis. I found your article about Edwin P. Wilson all too frightening and hits me personally way too close to home. I was working at Harper Detroit Diesel in Toronto and one of my co workers or somebody in my customer base or the competion started poisoning my food over a period of months. I almost died. I had worked in the diesel generator industry for twenty two years as a field service technician at a variety of dealers and distributors based mostly out of the Toronto area. In this position I worked in and around all types of generator set applications such as apartment buildings, schools, retail stores, hospitals, marine units, motor homes, data centers, airports, telephone switching centers, or just about anywhere you would find a generator set.

This position also took me into a lot of high security buildings or buildings that you don't need to know exist. Some of the customers I have dealt with include Metropolitan Toronto Police, the Ontario Provincial Police, the R.C.M.P., Bell Canada, Transport Canada, Navigation Canada, Public Works Canada, Department of National Defence, the Ontario Realty Corporation, Nexacor Realty, AT&T, Cantel, C.I.D.A., External Affairs, and many, many more. I did quite a bit of work on high security micro wave and fibre optics communication links all around North America.

This is where this poisoning comes from. One person I worked 15 yrs with on these systems, who I had not seen in 4 yrs, called me at home one night in the middle of this series of poisonings, who I didn't even know had my home phone number and asked "aren't you dead yet". I wound up on the West Coast of Canada standing in a parking lot with what were suppose to be Chinese Nationals being photographed by the R.C.M.P. as part of a smear campaign.

The worst part of all of this is Gerry Duffett almost died, thats me. The next worst part of all of this, is this is my tax dollars paying these freaks. I wonder how many times a day this goes on. I still don't know who poisoned me. I was off work for almost one year. I can now 5 yrs later barely hold a full time job. The harassment in my work place is unbelievable as far as off colour and snide comments about my mental health. There is much more to the story.

My pager # is 416-612-5689. Thank you.

Gerry Duffett.
14-4218 Lawrence Ave E
Box 218
Scarborough Ontario Canada
gerryduffett@fastmail.ca gerryduffett@canada.com gerryduffett@hotmail.com gerryduffett47@yahoo.com

P.S. Just in the last couple of years a new fibre optics system was installed in Ontario to link all the power generation stations to one central control center code named Ledcor. Don't tell anybody you know that, somebody might try to kill you.

Name: teri
Country of Origin::
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Wed September 01 2004 04:26 AM

It is so important to understand all of these issues, that affect women in everyday life. This site is amazing. The government can use common sense. But they have no common sense when it comes to poverty, and children. Lets give them some of our common sense.

Name: Melissa Higgs
City: Sudbury, Ontario
Country of Origin:: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Sat August 14 2004 11:24 AM

I would like to be more involved with the DAWN Network. I have done some volunteer work in the past with organizations in the Sudbury area. Please DO NOT hesitate to contact me if any assistance is needed.

Name: S R
Homepage: http://www.whathealth.com/
Country of Origin::
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL:: www.brainfog.org
Sent: Mon August 09 2004 02:54 PM

I can relate to a lot of the issues raised on your site. Keep up the good work.A true contribution to the internet.

Name: Vera
Organization: lawyer
Country of Origin:: SAKI CRIMEA UKRAINE
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Mon May 10 2004 07:11 AM

Hello my friends ! I am disabled young woman on wheelchair from Ukraine I was very glad to know about yours fine syte. I am very optimistic and work how a lawyer. I want to have the womans friens from Canada. I am a jornalist too and write about disabled peoples problems. I will wait your reply dear friends ! With love from Ukraine Vera

Name: Rose Menard & Barb Garon
City: Sudbury
Organization: Sudbury Women's Centre des Femmes
Country of Origin:: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL:: http://dawn.thot.net
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Mon May 03 2004 08:15 AM

A progressive feminist web site for all women to gain a better understanding of their self-worth, their capabilities and their rights! Congrats to DAWN/Barbara Anello for a wealth of information and for sharing it with us! In Sisterhood, Rose Menard & Barbara Garon Sudbury Women's Centre des Femmes

Name: Lexi Bridges
Homepage: http://www.lexibridges.com
Country of Origin::
Favourite Women's website URL:: http://dawn.thot.net
Favourite Disability URL:: http://dawn.thot.net
Sent: Wed April 14 2004 08:04 AM

I am continually amazed by the diverse issues covered on this amazing website. Congrats to the DAWN Ontario women for your terrific work in technology and the invaluable service you provide online.

Name: Nancy Howe
City: Oshawa
Country of Origin:: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL:: scoliosis
Sent: Thu April 01 2004 07:52 PM

I was extremely happy to find this site not only as a woman but a person with a disability that isn't obvious at a glance. I have had numerous issues in the past and will definitely keep this site for reference for the future.

Name: Ann Marie Wohletz
City: Zenda KS
Organization: Nu Model & Talent
Country of Origin:: United States
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Fri March 05 2004 11:49 AM

I had just found out that I have fimbromyalgia and I am 25. They told me that I could have had it since I was 8 years old. being double jointed in the spin only makes this disabity worse. I know that this will have a cure but I just don't know when.... Blessed be!

Name: Janna
City: Rockland, Ont.
Country of Origin::
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Fri February 27 2004 06:34 AM

Excellent resource website - was able to access news media mailing addresses & email without making a trip to the local library. Thanks so much - keep up the good work.

Name: Sheila Bell
Homepage: http://www.ed.SheilaBell.com
City: Cincinnati, OH
Organization: Sheila Bell Seminars
Country of Origin:: US
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Tue February 24 2004 04:28 PM

Thanks to DAWN as well as to those who contribute information and assistance. I am a real estate educator who has an interest in advocating, via continuing education curriculu, sensitivity to fair housing protected class issues-especially disability. If any of you has a story, advice, suggestion, criticism, comment, etc. with regard to your experience in buying or selling property, I would really appreciate the information. I continually collect information not only for my course but for what I hope will turn into a book on the subject of disability and real estate. In turn, if there is anything that I may do to assist anyone, I would be happy to try to do so.

Name: marieanne
City: kapuskasing
Country of Origin:: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Wed February 11 2004 05:31 AM

Very nice site!!

Name: Melanie Kheidr
City: Ottawa
Country of Origin:: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL::
Favourite Disability URL::
Sent: Mon February 02 2004 09:54 AM

Thans for being a resouorce for women! Good luck with all future endeavours.

e: Barbi Dunham
Homepage: http://cobra-dvsa.org
Hometown: Bend Oregon
Organization COBRA (Central Oregon Battering and Rape Alliance)
Country of Origin: USA
Favourite Women's website URL: www.bettycrocker.com
Favourite Disability URL: www.leaderdog.org
Sent: 2.22 am - wed 14 jan 2004

In my Tri-county area, Deschutes,Crook and Jefferson Co, we are starting a coordinated agency team to be improve and work toward Persons with Disabilities living free from violence. I watched a video "Charting New Water"? made in BC.
We have no reporting, certification, or real accountability for care-givers in Oregon. We would like to get some help with this process of Legistation, organization, training, and certification of care-giver. Do you have some help to get us started?
Please let me know! Loved the video!

Name: Joanie Taylor
Homepage: http://www.thephonemonocle.com
Hometown: La Crescenta CA
Organization Magnifics Inc.
Country of Origin: usa
Favourite Women's website URL: www.thephonemonocle.com
Favourite Disability URL: theboulivard.com
Sent: 7.18 pm - sat 3 jan 2004

Just surfing, I am 37, I do not have any disabilities.
Ive been through quite a life so far. Sids, Divorce, single mom, Death of parent, but I look at all of these as opertunities to learn and grow. Last year I invented a magnifying lens for cell phones and home phones, and this experience has allowed me to really see what Im made of, and what type of willpower do I really have at this point in my life. Ladies, let me tell you, it has been incredible.!! Please check out my site, and let me know what you think. I designed it in 7 colors so everyone can choose their own style.
Happy New year. I wish Joy and Prosperity for all.
Love Joanie

Name: Gloria
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Country of Origin: USA
Sent: 10.23 pm - mon 29 dec 2003

Keep up the good work, you are helping women with disabilites. This is wonderful, you have given me hope..

Name: Karin Hass
Hometown: Victoria, BC
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Favourite Disability URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Sent: 3.54 pm - thu 25 dec 2003

Women with disabilities have immense, unrecognized potential that Canada has been legislatively refusing to support them in maintaining (let alone developing). The website of DAWN Ontario, an organization to whom governments shortsightedly direct no Canadian tax contributions, reflects this immense human potential of women with disabilities.

How can Canadian women with disabilities from the Maritimes to British Columbia make a break-through from the below-poverty-level wasting away of this massive human potential in 2004?

Financially and therefore ultimately in every way, Canadian women with disabilities and their health have been left behind. Canadian women with disabilities and their health fall further below the poverty lines and therefore further behind each year: further behind the rest of Canada and further behind their human potential.

Lacking government support, and not having any corporate support without legislative-effectiveness strangling strings, how can Canadian women with disabilities, most permanently low-income, and their allies obtain legislated, above-poverty line incomes with which Canadian women with disabilities can restore, optimize, and maintain their health and obtain a fighting chance at developing their human potential?

Will Canadian women with disabilities and their health be financially even further behind in one year yet AGAIN? Or will Canadian women with disabilities and their allies find and create a way out of wasting poverty and into the sunshine of living one's potential?

Is it possible? Can we? How? Thoughts? Ideas?

Karin Hass
Victoria, British Columbia
up130 [at] victoria.tc.ca

Name: Marg McDade
Hometown: Brockville
Organization Victim witness assistance pgm
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 7.12 pm - wed 10 dec 2003

I am preparing a presentation for Victim Witness staff on supporting women and children with disabilities who are victims or witnesses in criminal court. I used this site often when I worked for the Sexual Assault Centre in Brockville. Again, I am finding the site very useful. Thank you.

Name: Donnafaye Milton
Homepage: http://www.uwo.ca/brescia/
Hometown: London, Ontario
Organization Beyond Brescia
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 9.35 am - wed 3 dec 2003

This is the only women's college at the university level in Canada. I have several bulletin boards and I'm always looking for important information - issues of which students need to become aware.

Name: Cathy Burns
Hometown: North Bay
Organization Ontario Provincial Police
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 11.27 am - tue 2 dec 2003

Thanks for the insightful helpful information. I really rely on resources such as this to educate police on dealing with women who have been abused and how they can better serve them in their communittee's

Name: Renee Jones
Hometown: Courtice, Ontario
Organization S.M.A.R.T. Inc
Country of Origin: England
Sent: 9.20 am - thu 23 oct 2003

Thanks to all involved for this valuable contribution

I find your site invaluable and will be forwarding to my network - I am with an organization that provides federally sponsoered supports to women in the durham region whose lives have been impacted by abuse/violence...many of whom not only have disabilities but also may have acquired disabilites as a result of the violence/abuse

We are a unique/groundbreaking specialized employment service sponsored through HRDC in Oshawa - kudos to our local office for validating this gender based issue leading to poverty and hunger for women and children through their committment of funding to address

Name: Emma Steinwinder
Hometown: kenner, La
Organization none
Country of Origin: USA
Favourite Women's website URL: This is the first one that I have seen
Favourite Disability URL: cannot find one in Louisana
Sent: 12.20 am - wed 23 jul 2003

I was moved here to LA. this yearwhen I found out that I had cancer. I also had my neck broken in 1994 and have 3 steel plates in my neck. My bones are degeneratingand falling on nerves. There are several other hings that are wrong with me but mainly I'm not giving up. My only Daughter moved me to LA. and then just droped me. My Grandchildren do not want to be bothered. I wold like to find some organaztion here in LA. so that I can find a Job that I can do on the computer at home, as I'm not able to get out much. Can you please help me find something that I can do at home to help me pay my bills!!!! God Bless you that I found this web page.If you cannot help I understand. I'm 61 and not ready to give up. I just need a little help. thank you again for the web site. I will be checking in with you. Wolflady057@yahoo.com

Name: Christine Watts
Hometown: Roseneath, ON
Organization Ontario Social Safety Network & Northumberland Coalition Against Poverty
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: DAWN's -except you are too generous! I may never get off line-there's so much great info & stuff.
Sent: 9.25 am - sun 29 jun 2003

It's a beautiful site. If you're this good without funding, imagine how the world could be tranformed with funding for DAWN -all you brilliant, creative people!
Thanks for the inspiration.

Name: Doris Bornate
Sent: 2.27 pm - tue 17 jun 2003

Thanks for making a great site!

Name: Ed Jones
Sent: 3.11 am - wed 21 may 2003

You are inspiring!!! Your web site is outstanding. I check the site almost daily for motivation to keep me going on my fitness schedual.

Name: John Dunn
Homepage: http://afterfostercare.com
Hometown: Ottawa
Organization Canadian After Foster Care Council
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: DAWN
Favourite Disability URL: DAWN
Sent: 4.36 pm - tue 13 may 2003

Hello my name is John Dunn. I am a former foster kid (crown ward) of the Catholic CAS in Toronto. I was a crown ward for sixteen years, and thirteen homes.

I have been hearing that disabled parents are having their kids taken instead of being offered assistance by CAS?

I wanted to talk about this with anyone who wishes to talk about it, and also let everyone know I am starting a support group which will be based out of the SWAN group at the Sommerset West Community Centre on May 21st in the evening.

You can contact me several ways.
Email: info@afterfostercare.com
Web: http://www.afterfostercare.com
Phone: 1-613-731-3707
Thanks very much
John Dunn

Name: Judy Bithmine
Sent: 3.20 pm - sun 11 may 2003

My goodness, what a nice web page. Would you adopt me so that I can be a member of the Christian family also?

Name: Karen Buttigieg
Hometown: London
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 9.55 am - sun 11 may 2003

Happy Mothers Day. I started this day in pain and in tears. I have a bad nerve in my neck that causes cronic pain in both arms. CPP and ODSP have both turned me down? Doctors have signed all their forms yet because I can't support two children alone on air and must force myself to work to pay the bills I am not disabled. My life has been a living hell for four years now, days I work I must depend on my children to feed me or starve. I am gratefull this sight is here but seem to be missing how I can find some help from it, no big surprise as I am also learning disabled. If anyone can help I would be gratefull. Please note I only work 4-5 hours a day before I am unable to take care of myself. The government keeps telling me I'm not permanently disabled, my doctors say I am, of course I have no money to fight the government so I am caught in a cycle of tortur, work to pay the bills, cry from pain, no help because I work. Please help if you can. Thank you.

Name: Betty
Homepage: http://www.cangrands.com
Hometown: Bancroft
Organization CANGRANDS
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: www.cangrands.com
Favourite Disability URL: http://dawn.thot.net/
Sent: 10.48 pm - sat 10 may 2003

This is a wonderful site with great information. Thanks!

Name: William J Foster
Homepage: http://www.debtfreeliving.net
Sent: 12.56 am - mon 5 may 2003

Just surfed by and thought I would say Hi from Chesterville.

Name: Deb child
Homepage: http://www.babykiller.com
Hometown: houston
Country of Origin: United States
Sent: 12.38 am - sun 6 apr 2003

hello, people peace from TX

Name: Barb
Hometown: INNISFIL, Ontario
Country of Origin: CANADA
Sent: 3.29 am - sat 5 apr 2003


Name: Judy
Homepage: http://www.relivonline.com/lindajudy
Hometown: Springfield, MA
Favourite Women's website URL: http://www.thestorytellersden.com
Favourite Disability URL: http://www.relivonline.com/lindajudy
Sent: 12.58 pm - mon 31 mar 2003

Great site.

Name: Jon F Crow
Homepage: http://www.advantagedefense.com
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Organization Advantage Enterprises
Country of Origin: USA
Sent: 3.29 pm - fri 28 mar 2003

Keep up the good work!

Name: Sarah Mukiibi
Hometown: Brampton
Organization Ontario March of Dimes
Country of Origin: Uganda
Sent: 7.54 pm - wed 12 mar 2003

This is an interesting website which I happened to fall on when surfing through disability issues. I am 47 years old originally from Uganda but now a Canadian citizen. I am single with three children aged 21, 17 and 9. I am an extremely lonely individual looking for a friendship with the opposite sex, (not necessarily a husband). I observed that many women, however beautiful they are, are disciminated from social intimacy because of having a disability. I have experienced this many many times . I have tried to attend singles meetings to no success. Is there any advice I can get? Please help I am running crazy!!!!!!!!

Name: Kate O'Meara
Hometown: Powell River, B.C.
Organization Student - SEAC/CSW certification
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 11.51 pm - wed 26 feb 2003

I am writing an paper on Women with Disabilities and Abuse...Why such a high %, and what can we to change this. I interview our towns Victim Services Coordinator, and she gave me your websit for info...im glad she did!!

Name: Ann Elizabeth West
Hometown: Mississauga Ontario
Organization No organization
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: Dawn Ontario
Favourite Disability URL: aBILITIES
Sent: 10.37 pm - tue 25 feb 2003

I would like to know something, is there any groups or group meetings in Toronto or Mississauga. I would like help with my ODSP, because they are giving me very little money. I will E.mail you tomorrow again from Ann West

Name: Stephanie Shan Russell
Hometown: Ottawa
Organization MESH Ottawa
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: Dawn Ontario
Sent: 5.27 pm - wed 19 feb 2003

I am on ODSP and have only very recently had access to the internet. I am very happy you are hear! The government certainly does not give out any information, helpful or otherwise.
Is there a DAWN in Ottawa? If your newsletter is as informative as your website, I'd certainly like to receive it.

Name: mitchka
Homepage: http://stop.at/shakka
Hometown: Ottawa
Organization soulcandy*Productions
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://dawn.thot.net/
Sent: 11.14 am - sun 2 feb 2003

Great site & a much-needed service! Some disabilities are not quite so obvious or recognized by the general public, yet many women suffer from them, such as: depression & agoraphobia. Keep up the wonderful work!

Name: sandy
Hometown: st. catharines
Country of Origin: canada
Sent: 8.46 am - wed 29 jan 2003

this is the first time i've looked at this website. can't wait to explore fully. i'm thinking of going back to work(outside the home) and am looking for some resume tips, considering that there have been a few interruptions in my work history and my eduaction is also incomplete after Grade 13('75)

Name: Cate Burns
Hometown: Sudbury Ont.
Organization SCAP
Favourite Women's website URL: Right here honey
Sent: 8.55 am - mon 20 jan 2003

Have become acquainted with this site thro Kim Rogers inquest. The inquest site was invaluable, and the home site is cheer to the soul for addressing the injustices to women and their children in Canada. Roses to the womyn @ DAWN !!!!

Name: Victoria
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://dawn.thot.net/
Favourite Disability URL: http://dawn.thot.net/
Sent: 9.39 pm - mon 13 jan 2003

i love this site. special thanks to the wonderful women who made it possible for us not to feel so alone. thanks again.

love victoria

Name: Dawn Derrick
Hometown: Terrace
Organization Terrace Women's Resource Centre
Country of Origin: Canada British Columbia
Sent: 3.38 pm - tue 7 jan 2003

Keep up the good work and continue to fight for Native women's rights
we are all not lost and it is unfortunate that the ones who were are so easily forgotten'

Name: Angela Williamson
Hometown: Wigan, Lancashire
Country of Origin: England
Favourite Disability URL: www.spinal.co.uk
Sent: 12.42 pm - sun 5 jan 2003

found this website a real help.
keep up the good work.

Name: Allisa
Hometown: Kelowna, B.C.
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 12.13 pm - fri 27 dec 2002

Due to chronic illness & resulting poverty I have just recently acquired a computer that is internet capable.I'm learning how to use the net but as an only parent I have little time.Looking for info on diagnosing and/or managing hypoglycemia in midlife. Interested in re-establishing connections to feminists and other social justice activists which I lost for years because of illness and isolation. I am NOT interested in mere cataloging of injustices but in proactive, positive, sky's-the-limit type activism. THANKS FOR BEING HERE! It's great to connect with DAWN again.

Name: Karin Hass
Homepage: http://home.t-online.de/home/kwhass/
Hometown: Bad Krozingen
Organization ASF-Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald
Country of Origin: Germany Europe
Favourite Women's website URL: www.hausfrauenseite.de
Sent: 1.21 pm - sun 22 dec 2002

Hi Barbara,
thank you very much for writing in my guestbook.
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Greetings from
Karin Hass

Name: debra handler
Hometown: orangeville
Organization york region violence against women coordinating committee
Country of Origin: canada
Sent: 1.20 pm - wed 18 dec 2002

brilliant thorough and gutsy website. i added this site to my "favorites" right away.

Name: Cornelia Bryant
Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Organization Brain Injury Association of Sault Ste. Marie and District
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Favourite Disability URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Sent: 6.55 pm - sun 8 dec 2002

As a disabled woman participating in the work force, I find that there is neither justice nor dignity to the ODSP - the wait for badly needed, overdue annual increases has become frustrating (to say the least), for one; for two, that $160 ODSP employment income limit should increase to a more reasonable amount if the minimum wage increases.
The last advice I got from a concerned friend was,
"Don't hold your breath."

Name: mugumania
Hometown: Lome
Country of Origin: Togo
Sent: 9.27 am - thu 5 dec 2002

I love this site.

Name: Ms Daria I. A. Mercer, B.A.
Country of Origin: CANADA
Sent: 9.53 am - tue 3 dec 2002


Name: Peter Bodo Ong'aro
Homepage: http://interconnection.org/kdds
Hometown: Nairobi
Organization Kenya Disabled Development Society
Country of Origin: Kenya
Favourite Women's website URL: DAWN
Favourite Disability URL: EnableLINK
Sent: 11.00 am - mon 2 dec 2002

KDDS has a Women and Disability sector and would very much like to network with other disability organizations in Canada. We had a chance to visit Toronto in November, 2002.

Name: stephanie schmidt
Hometown: edmonton
Country of Origin: canada
Sent: 5.20 pm - mon 18 nov 2002

i want to thank you for this site it really helped me on an essay

Name: Ann West
Hometown: Mississauga Ontario
Organization No organization
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: Dawn Ontario
Favourite Disability URL: Self Advocate
Sent: 10.57 pm - tue 12 nov 2002

Ny name is ann West, and I am a handicapped adult, also my room mate Joan Speck is disabled too. We both are looking for a women's group to join. Is there anything in Mississauga Ontario.

Name: Carmela Rose Marchione
Hometown: Aurora, ON L4G 2B3
Organization Stroke Recovery Network
Country of Origin: Richmond Hill, ON
Sent: 4.13 pm - thu 17 oct 2002

Would you provide a sample of your newsletter, so that I may review it.
Many Thanks

Carmela R. Marchione

Name: Leah Pashe
Hometown: Dakota Tipi First nation
Country of Origin: manitoba
Sent: 11.28 am - thu 3 oct 2002

hi my name is leah elk or pashe i really don 't carry the last name i've been trought lots on my reserve how do i know the violince well stop after the elections october 28 2002 also do u think it would be ok if i was to write a book about dakota tipi what i've been trough o'm a youth of dakota tipi and i know how the other youth feel about politics about what its doing to the peaple my peaple we just want peaple to get along i mean there all brothers and sisters we just want a better childhood a better place for the next generation most youth turn to drugs and alcohol because its been like that for years they always fight but i try to be strong for my mother and the peaple
i now live in winnipeg and i attend school at sturgeon creek i don't have an email address my address is 140 yellow quil trail Dakota Tipi First Nation r1n 3p1 thanx i just wanted to now how would i go bout wrriting a book and wwould u think its not right to write about dakota tipi the war zone

Name: John H. Zheng
Hometown: Xiamen
Organization No
Country of Origin: China
Favourite Women's website URL: www.momgodandme.com
Favourite Disability URL: www.womenspace.com
Sent: 1.44 am - thu 26 sep 2002

I am an amateur writer living in China. I am currently writing a story about the disabled people. I would like to lesten your stories - study, work, happiness, sorrow,love, and everything and I would like to try my best to help you if I can. E-mail me... I am a very good listener.

Name: Shari
Hometown: Hamilton
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: Dawn's
Sent: 5.17 pm - sat 21 sep 2002

This site is a credit to all the women that need a place where someone; really hears, listens and cares
about what they have to say.

Name: Dawn Ellen Slatem
Homepage: http://PoemsbyDawn.com
Hometown: Salem, Oregon
Country of Origin: USA
Sent: 3.30 pm - sat 7 sep 2002

Please visit my homepage. I have listed a link to your
site on mine. Your presentation is most impressive!
My ancesters came from Canada. Send me an E-Mail.

Name: Debra Squires
Hometown: London
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 3.20 pm - fri 23 aug 2002

Hi I just found your site. I have disabilities, Chronic Asthma, Scoliosis and Austrioarthritus. Thanks for this site. I will be checking in to it more.

Name: Linda Gendron
Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Disability URL: ldao
Sent: 3.09 pm - sun 11 aug 2002

I'm in the midst of researching resources available for disabled children and adults to share with the other teachers in the on-line course I'm taking. I'm pleased to find this website. I just wish, though I'm a woman, that there were some for men. I have a male friend who's been on ODSB, and it's awful. I can't believe the indignity these people put others through. In Peterborough, almost all the Ontario Works rules seem to apply, and the ODSB attitude, from my perspective as an outsider looking in, is that people with disablitiies are using the system, and therefore need all these checks and balances in place.

My friend, being male, has been on the list for emergency housing for three years. But, he's no where near getting the financial/housing help he needs, which he feels is in part because he is man on his own. So, he relies on the food bank, Brook Street mission, and other places in town.

Has ODSB always treated the disabled with the same attitude as they treat multi-generational welfare recipients? Have we. as a society, really developed (or not developed beyond) an attitude that disablilities are just an excuse not to pull our own weight? Is there a place men vent, and problem solve to achieve solutions, that I could send my friend to? He accesses free internet at the public library, if anything practical is available on-line. Practical meaning what to do to get around/through the red tape.

Name: Janette Minderlein
Hometown: NorthBay
Country of Origin: ont
Favourite Women's website URL: http:dawn.thot.net
Favourite Disability URL: http:alveolarspsarcom.net
Sent: 9.01 pm - sun 4 aug 2002

Just a quick note to let people know how difficult it is with a child who is ill , we have been home one month,after spending 8 months in Toronto , the NorthBay Nugget has been very supportive but social services ,LIPI, have not been very helpful we are trying to survive a family of 5 on 1240.oo a month and rent is $850.00 I am in the midst of sending a letter to MPP of Nippising any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Barb thanks for all the kindness and support you have shown our family from the rides from your husband to just listening to me vent thanks alot. Janette

Name: Sheila Pratt
Hometown: North Bay, Ontario
Organization Ontario Health Coalition
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: DAWN's website
Sent: 8.15 pm - fri 2 aug 2002

May the Goddess continue you, Barb, with the fertile ideas that flow from your beautiful mind. Thank you for representing the Health Coalition in Sudbury. Dawson and I felt great knowing you were there making your connections, lending your support to the ongoing couse of increased health hikes for our seniors, and just generally being 'you' with your good vibes!
I agree that the seniors are not just going to win the lottery in 3 years all of a sudden. Guess we just have to put more pressure on the Tories than ever. Now that I have my new email address (shelima_agape@yahoo.com), agape pronounced agapay (meaning spiritual or selfless love which the world surely needs more of!), I plan to visit this most amazing web site and make use of all your wonderful networking. I can see that a bleary-eyed teacher doesn't have to do much more than get to the Dawn website to find out what is happening and to respond to it immediately through your amazing links. By the way, love the colours and layout and you!
YOur humble admirerer and soulsis,
PS( Good Shabbas and Lila Tov)xoxoxoxoxo

Name: Sandra McLean
Homepage: http://www.momgodandme.org
Hometown: Windsor
Organization The Single Mothers Housing Support Program
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: www.momgodandme.org
Sent: 9.19 am - tue 9 jul 2002

I'm please to see an organization that is informative and helpful. We also provide similar help for a different kind of disability. Homelessness is a disability in its self. Lets continue to work and support and uplift each other.

Name: Barbara
Homepage: http://dawn.thot.net
Hometown: North Bay, Ontario
Organization DAWN Ontario
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Favourite Disability URL: http://www.odacommittee.net
Sent: 5.02 pm - fri 5 jul 2002

Hi Anne, you didn't see anything regarding financial assistance to people with disabilities because we're not aware of any such sources for people struggling to make ends meet while in receipt of Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

So part of what DAWN Ontario does is to get involved and support campaigns to change policies in the social and economic justice movement.

DAWN Ontario operates with no funding, no office and no stafff. I am a volunteer info and referral person, the volunteer webmaster/publisher, the volunteer electronic list manager, and a volunteer director.

We've been very active in trying to get ODSP benefits raised such as supporting Bill 118 (Tony Martin's Bill to raise ODSP benefits) which was defeated in the Ontario legislature on June 13th by a vote of 38 to 30.

If you haven't already contacted your MPP why not consider doing so, to let them know your situation. Additionally I hope you will give some thought to sending a few emails to the Tory MPPs who voted AGAINST raising ODSP benefits. ODSP benefits have not been raised since 1993 (NDP gov't was the last government to raise disability benefits).

Additionally, DAWN Ontario is actively promoting the Feed the Kids and Pay the Rent campaign to raise public awareness of how inadequate shelter allowances across Ontario are causing huge fifancial harships for low income individuals, many whom are persons with disAbilities, and forcing many to choose between feeding the kids and paying the rent.

You'll find links to the above campaigns directly on our home page at http://dawn.thot.net

Bill 118 ...

Feed the Kids AND Pay the Rent

Hope you decide to get involved. That's how change happens ...

Name: Anne Anthony
Hometown: Scarborough, Ontario
Country of Origin: Ontario
Sent: 4.20 pm - fri 5 jul 2002

I dont seem to see anything here regarding help for people with disabilities financial wise. I am on ODSB and CPPD with an approx income of about $950 a month to live on and still one dependant at home in school.
I am finding it extremely hard to meet the payments of my expenses every month and still be able to supply food for the two of us. I have several disabilities which are too many to list on here but being diabetic I require a special diet to keep my sugar levels under control. I am finding very hard to meet the needs of this diet properly. Does anyone know where I can get some extra financial help besides what I am already on here to help me with my present bills etc and to get them all caught up? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Robyn Lambert
Hometown: Victoria
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: DAWN
Favourite Disability URL: www.ceda.ca
Sent: 10.03 pm - mon 1 jul 2002

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share. I am having a really hard time accepting the fact that I have physical limitations, which are rather quickly negatively progressing. I have always been fiercely independent and extremely active. My chronic disorder (EDS) is taking a toll on my activity and quality of life. I think what I am asking for, much to my chagrin, is help, in the form of understanding women, who are experiencing or have experienced similar situations. All correspondance is warmly received, and I thank you all for your support. Robyn

Name: Sravani Prayaga
Hometown: Brantford
Organization Sexual Assault Centre of Brant
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 10.10 am - tue 18 jun 2002

I found this website in relation to practical accessbility issues surrounding access to the centre's services from the disabled. I found this website quite useful - thanks!!

Name: brittany
Hometown: hamilton
Sent: 2.58 pm - thu 13 jun 2002

Name: Tammi
Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA
Organization Nominee for Board of Directors ACRC
Country of Origin: USA
Favourite Women's website URL: http://www.helptolive.com/
Favourite Disability URL: http://www.disabledparents.net/
Sent: 4.48 am - wed 8 may 2002

It is comforting to know that we are Able to unite and work together toward a common goal. Let the quality of life be the goal for us all!

Name: Ecotrophology Community
Homepage: http://www.ecotrophology.org
Organization Treffpunkt Oecotrophologie
Sent: 8.14 am - sun 28 apr 2002

Greetings from the Online Community of Ecotrophology

Bulletin Bords, News and Infos for Homeeconomic and Ecotrophology Graduate and Students

Name: Carol Crocker
Hometown: Brampton
Country of Origin: Ontario
Sent: 9.15 pm - sat 6 apr 2002

Just wanted to thank Barbara and friend for the short story about The Cracked Pot. I think it's just beautiful!
If there are any other Newfoundlanders and Labradorians come say "Hello"
I've been reading a lot these days and I am amazed that we are being treated so horribly by the very people who are placed in positions of trust and to whom a high dollar is paid. We try to remove barriers and the so called helpers are constantly putting them up. Is it any wonder that we get so tired? Does our Prime Minister know how we are being treated by the people that are placed in those positions to make "fair and equitable" decisions, I wonder? When the next federal election comes up are we going to make sure that we vote and make our votes count somehow? When all is said and done we are all wonderful people and we do count! We must never forget this!
Kindest regards to all of you.

Name: Qua
Hometown: Columbia SC
Organization None
Country of Origin: USA
Favourite Women's website URL: living.com
Favourite Disability URL: www.livingqueer.com
Sent: 9.53 pm - tue 12 feb 2002

Hi All,
I am a recovering alcholic. I take one day at a time. This has helped me more than anyone could ever know. I have had to take a different way in the redirection of my life. When the pain started I had to develop techniques with my physicians so I would not use alcohol as a crutch. I am glad to be here and I trying to make several directional changes in my life and often I just need someone to listen to me. It is interesting as to how many of use drugs to stop the pain. I think that I have pain in my knees so severely that if I had a chain saw I might have amputated it myself. I did not have the ability to get the saw. If you can identify with this write back. Qua

Name: sylvain
Homepage: http://cabinglobal.com
Hometown: Ottawa
Organization CABIN Global
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 3.18 pm - mon 28 jan 2002

I just want to congratulate you for a great website and useful organization. I welcome all professionals with disabilities to attend my free career and business networking socials.

Name: Linda
Hometown: welland
Sent: 11.23 am - mon 21 jan 2002

HI! I think it is a wonderful that there is a group for disabled women.I have a daughter who has a learning disabilty,which I have as also.I have not work for 11 years and have to get back into the job market, looking for a job.Thinking about going back to school for computers seeing a lot has changed since when I first started working. Sometimes things are rough but things always have a way of working out.Thanks be to GOD !

Name: Milan Karki
Homepage: http://www.hurpec.org
Hometown: Kathmandu
Organization HURPEC (Human Rights and Peace Campaign)
Country of Origin: Nepal
Sent: 9.49 pm - fri 11 jan 2002

Good luck. I appreciate your works.

Name: Renée Knapp
Hometown: Toronto
Organization Women's Press (publisher)
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://www.kersplebedeb.com/mystuff/bookstor.html
Favourite Disability URL: still looking - though yours is lovely
Sent: 10.02 am - fri 4 jan 2002

I work in the Marketing Department at Women’s Press in Toronto. (WP) was established in 1972 and is Canada’s oldest English-language feminist publisher. Originally founded with collective ownership, Women’s Press is now managed by Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc.
Women’s Press is committed to enhancing the well-being of women through the publication of feminist writing that offers honest and full portrayals of their lives. Women’s Press publishes novels, short stories, poetry, children’s books, memoirs and creative non-fiction.
I was surfing the web in search of unique and progressive sites to try to find a fit for some of our titles. I would like to know more about DAWN!Let's be in touch Barbara!

Name: Corisa Cluett
Homepage: http://www.expage.com/corisa
Hometown: Kingston Ontario
Organization none
Country of Origin: Kingston
Favourite Women's website URL: none
Favourite Disability URL: None
Sent: 5.00 pm - sun 30 dec 2001

I attend the Chuch Lucy-Lu is hiding in!!! i am a 14 year old female who like her alote i know she didnt do it once you get to kno her you'd kno she didnt do it

Name: Peter S. Lopez
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Organization Humane Rights Agenda
Country of Origin: USA
Favourite Women's website URL: http://rawasongs.fancymarketing.net/index.html
Sent: 2.45 pm - sat 22 dec 2001

Hi Fellow Actiivsts~~ Thank you for your important information. It is key for all of us to come together as humane beings and to reach out to our neighbors, our families and go out into the community on foot in order to help spread the word. Bridging the digital divide between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' should also be a key activity among online activists, but we must never forget the power of face-to-face honest communication.
~~Humanely Yours, Peter S. Lopez
Humane Liberation Party -- Sacramento, California

Name: Terry O'Connor
Hometown: North Bay, Ont
Organization Diocese of SSM, Office of Social Affairs
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 7.58 am - thu 20 dec 2001

I am most impressed with your website, and with Barbara Anello. I share the concerns expressed about the Public's attitude towards Robert Latimer. If people with disabilities are of less value and therefore more expendable, Who makes up the list and decides the relative values of different classes of persons. How high or low on the priority list of expendable or non-valued persons would seniors be? Would you placement on the list also take into consideration your income level. Probably. Consider the low priority give to finding housing for street people in Toronto. The issue someone raised about the gender issue being connected is also an insight that needs to be pursued. Keep up the good work Barbara.

Name: Brenda Brown
Hometown: London, Ontario
Sent: 7.14 pm - tue 11 dec 2001

I just found your website! What an amazing oranization. I am specifically interested in finding women (or people) who have complaints with the ODSP. My story is a "horror" story like most. I plan to dedicate my life to being an advocate, and hope to sue the pants off the provinicial government. The ODSP is the biggest "rip off" of tax payers money. I am disabled, and have been fighting for my ODSP for over a year. I have been diagnosed with acute chronic lower back pain (myfasicial syndrome), fybro and acute arthrites. They ODSP has over 9 years of medical reports, some from the best known doctors in London, Ont., I have gone from having a wonderful career, to being unemployed, house bound in a 3 floor walk up (I can't make the stairs), my marriage can't withstand much more. I have lost everything. If I don't get it soon, I will be out on the streets. My husband earns a low wage & has not medical coverage. I am interested in hearing about anyone who has a nightmare story with the ODSP. I have legal background, and may be able to help someone else. When I put my story together (involves the lack of support from MPP's, no money from ODSP to get doctors reports which doctors charge @ $40.00 a pop, and ODSP criteria that is impossible to meet. Eg. The ODSP said my lower back pain could not be "substaniated" because I was not currently getting physo therapy. Well, Mr. Mike Harris, cut physo covered by OHIP, and I can't afford it. There is so much too my story, as I'm sure there is to others. Maybe we can support each other. I think your website is a very valuable tool. I plan to visit every day. Please feel free to give my email to anyone with a ODSP nightmare story. With everything I have been through, I'm sure I can help someone. Sincerely, Brenda Brown, London, Ontario

Name: sankaran
Hometown: A/G4 Mahaveer Apts, thiruvanmiyur,chennai-41,Tamilnadu
Country of Origin: inida
Sent: 2.41 am - tue 11 dec 2001

I like to marry visually handicapped of any age of any country and to sacrifice myself. I am aged 35 years and doing business in a small way. I am India. Anybody intrested please contact me through my address nor email.

Name: Sharon
Homepage: http://www.sharonsmeadow.com
Hometown: Brantford
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 3.31 pm - sun 18 nov 2001

I found this site today and was impressed to find an organization dedicated to improving life for women with disabilities. I have had Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis for 18 years and know the struggles we all face with getting through the mundane day to day routines which most take for granted. I would be interested in starting a chapter in the Southern Ontario area (Brantford, Hamilton, Cambridge, Guelph)if the interest is there and help would be available.

Great site!!

Name: Jac
Sent: 7.29 pm - sun 4 nov 2001

Name: Stacey Brown
Homepage: http://EnableLink.com
Hometown: Toronto
Organization Canadian Abilities Foundaion
Country of Origin: Jamaica
Favourite Women's website URL: Have no favorites
Favourite Disability URL: Have no Favorites
Sent: 10.48 am - wed 24 oct 2001

While suffering the net for Disability Organization i came across this website,its very interesting and a lot of information is provided for the general public and as well as those who have some knowledge of Disable people. Keep up the good work,my mother is in this type of field but i never took the time to surf the web for any information. I never recognize the different types of sources that are available for those who would like to learn more about disabilities.
Thanks S.Brown

Name: Sharon-Ann Crawford
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 7.19 am - wed 24 oct 2001

I have just been recently diagnosed with Fibomyalgia and Myfacial Syndrom but have had it probably several years. Although it is a devestating problem both emotionally and physically very few people know of it and/or understand it. We who suffer with it are left with a very low self esteem and self worth partially due to the ignorance of well people. I am glad to see there are people working for us and surprised to see there is no chapter in Toronto, Ontario . Keep up the good work and I will check back often for updates.

Name: makaela durant
Hometown: melbourne
Country of Origin: australia
Sent: 2.26 am - mon 15 oct 2001

I found this website for a assignment I was doing at university on the accessability of the internet to disabled users. This is very disability friendly website. Well done

Name: Ian
Favourite Women's website URL: www.spankyourmonkey.com
Sent: 11.29 am - wed 10 oct 2001

yo wut up

Julie Hay
Hometown: ottawa
Sent: 1.27 pm - tue 2 oct 2001

I am very frustrated because I am a disabled mother and I am fighting to keep my son. I feel like I am the only one going through this.

Hometown: Sudbury
Country of Origin: Ontario
Sent: 4.38 pm - thu 27 sep 2001

I am so happy to have found your site.
Thank you

Homepage: http://hotmail.com
Hometown: cochin
Organization way and truth
Country of Origin: INDIA
Sent: 7.10 am - mon 24 sep 2001


Andre Martell
Hometown: Ottawa
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 7.43 pm - sat 22 sep 2001

Hello. I am 25 years old, and after many years of illness and disbelief by doctors and family I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am housebound. It worries me that so little is known about this disease. My doctor keeps talking about brain suppression and it frightens me.

I find it so encouraging to know that this website is available and that so many women are working together to make the world a better place.

What I desire most is to become a Chartered Financial Planner working out of my home. I am still figuring out how to do this. It is scary taking those first steps. I want to become a financial planner so as to help others with disabilities with their finances.

At the moment, going to the doctor leaves me in bed for days because of the travel. This site gives me hope.

PS Barb, I think you're doing wonderful work.

A. Wrightman
Hometown: Merlin, Ontario
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 12.39 pm - sat 18 aug 2001

I work at the Ontario March of Dimes and am studying developmental services program at St. Clair College. I came across this site while reading info on violence against women and I applaud DAWN! I am very interested in groups that empower and encourage women (groups that offer support to women in violent situations particularly) as I am a domestic violence survivor. I also have young daughters and am actively involved in educating them to be as healthy and whole as they can be. I am very pleased to have discovered DAWN!

Irene Kirabo Najjemba
Hometown: Kampala
Organization Molly & Paul Boarding School.
Country of Origin: Uganda
Sent: 2.10 pm - wed 15 aug 2001

My brother was introducing me to how the internet works then we went into yor site. Iam 15, disabled and still schooling. I disabled after a motor accident three yrs ago. I was happy to know that somewhere out there yu people help each other. At school, and many places i know disabled is taken as bad. When i finish school, i will work to stopping it and show people that 'disability is no inability'.God blees your good work.
Irene Kirabo Najjemba.

Name: Serena Brown
Hometown: Mississauga
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 11.57 pm - wed 1 aug 2001

Lovely Site!
I am an Educational Assistant with physically disabled teenager, and I think I may order some of your educational materials for the Secondary School where I work! I am also a student in the Disability Studies Program at Ryerson so it was great to discover another resource for myself...an Canadian one at that!!!!! Yay!!!

Name: Gayatrisankar
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/gayatrisankar
Hometown: chennai
Country of Origin: india
Favourite Disability URL: www.gayatrisankaran.com
Sent: 7.45 am - sat 21 jul 2001

I am gayatrisankaran, Visually handicapped Women. I wanted to do something to the Women society.

Name: harrington, colleen marie
Sent: 1.55 pm - tue 26 jun 2001

Name: Cathy Smith
Homepage: http://21 Cameron Place S.E.
Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Organization Medicine Hat Pro-Life
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: AFWUF
Sent: 11.31 pm - mon 23 apr 2001

I am very disturbed by the recent poll suggesting that
71% of Canadians think that Robert Latimer should not
have to complete his jail sentence. In fact I do not
believe the results when you consider the outrage of
people over the Young Offenders Act being too lenient.
What people have to remember is that Latimer killed
his daughter and tried to get away with it until it
was discovered that she has a large amount of
carbon monoxide in her body. Only then did he confess.
He admitted that he killed her. IF you kill someone
you do the time - are we now saying if you kill certain
people it is okay but not if you kill others?
Can we have a list of the people who "are acceptable"
to live and a list of those considered worthy of
murder? That is what is being suggested.
How Jesus must be suffering to think that He died
for us and now we would do this to each other.
Cathy Smith

Name: Cathy Smith
Sent: 11.24 pm - mon 23 apr 2001

Name: Pat Manahan
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Favourite Disability URL: DAWN
Sent: 11.12 am - mon 23 apr 2001

Last week, there was a letter in Canoe which stated that R. Latimer "killed his daughter humanely and painlessly and is in jail but a girl starved her baby and got off free. Why?" A second letter said "Because he is a man, women can get away with anything." First, I don't believe in forced euthenasia, no matter who performs it. Second,I am concerned that this anti-female mode of thinking is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. I have run across similar viewpoints at many news and commentary sites. I'm worried about where this is leading. Our Canadian government is also taking an anti-female view in issues such as child access and support (see www.owjn.org/custody/index.htm). Is anyone else finding this of concern?

Name: Barbara Anello
Homepage: http://dawn.thot.net/Tracy_Latimer.html
Hometown: North Bay, Ontario
Organization DAWN Ontario
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Favourite Disability URL: http://www.odacommittee.net
Sent: 9.49 am - mon 23 apr 2001

Finally received a copy of the article run in Wednesday, April 18th's Globe and Mail regarding the Latimer Poll conducted by Ipsos-Reid.

Hard to believe that 71% if those polled believe Latimer killed his 12 year old daughter Tracy in an "act if mercy" in 1993. My sense if that Canadians surveyed in the Ipsos-Reid Poll are simply not well informed on the facts of this case and may very well be influenced by the Friends of Robert Latimer
campaign and supporters.

It's distressing to learn that so many of those polled view Latimer as an "anguished, loving father whose only goal was to end his daughter's suffering." I see him as a duplicitous character who LIED to police, LIED
to his wife and family, and who MURDERED his daughter. If there was so much concern about Tracy's suffering, why was there no pain medication found in Tracy's body? Furthermore, if Latimer did not feel guilt or remorse about MURDERING his daughter, why did he LIE about his involvement in Tracy's tragic and senseless death in an attempt to cover up the truth?

The Globe states that this poll is "indicative of how the controversial case has divided Canadians" ... as a minority of those polled deem Robert Latimer to be "a murderous thug who should be locked up for many years because he treated his own flesh and blood no better than a farm animal."

It's not a surprise to learn that Canadians are divided over this controversial case ...

As a woman with a disAbility who has been working (as a full time volunteer) I see such "divisions" and "more" in many different sectors... example: I see evidence of women with disAbilities having a hard time trying to establish contacts with the general women's movement.

If we are challenged in even reaching the general women's movement who has been slow to demonstrate an inclusive interest in our participation and also sensitivity to the problems/challenges/barriers faced by the minority group of disAbled women, then it's a stretch to imagine we might face less division as referred to by the Globe by the rest of Canadians.

Interested in the opinion of others if anyone has an opinion they would like to share.

best regards
Barbara Anello

Name: Maureen McGovern
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Organization People with Disabilities in Ireland Ltd
Sent: 6.39 am - thu 19 apr 2001

Hi there
My name is maureen mcgovern. I work for an organisation that lobbys and campaigns to improve the situtation of all disabled people in Ireland. My role is Training & Development Officer. I'm a disabled women and very interested in issues relating to disabled women

Name: Myrna Leard
Hometown: Princeton, B.C.
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 10.53 am - thu 12 apr 2001

Two yrs. ago, I was put on disability by the head of the spinal cord unit at UBC Hospital. CPP accepted my claim; however, private ins. denied. Have been in litigation since then, now they are offering reinstatement but with no legal costs. Would like to hear from others having same problem.
I am just starting to search the internet for info, slow going as can only sit for 10 min. at a time but find your site very informative and intereting. I have been feeling very cut off from society as we have to move to small town, due to finances, and my husband still works in Vancouver area. So I am here on my own for periods of days and really feel I have no purpose in life. Any suggestions?

Name: Julie Deane
Homepage: http://www.mdservices.com.au
Hometown: Campbelltown NSW
Organization Macarthur Disability Services (MDS)
Country of Origin: Australia
Favourite Women's website URL: http://www.wwda.org.au/
Sent: 4.42 am - wed 11 apr 2001

I am currently employed as a Community Development Officer - Disability with MDS. I also have a vision impairment. Our organisation provides a range of services to people wtih disabilities who live in the Macarthur Region just South West of Sydney. I am currently involved in a project with a local women's organisation that has just recieved some funding to develop training for workers in disability and mainstream services around Women with Disabilities Domestic Violence (awareness, best practice, resources etc) Women with disabilities will be involved in all aspects of this project. I heard about DAWN at a project meeting today and thought I'd have a look at your site. Very impressive! I will also be able to use some of the informaiton I've found here in my other job as a part-time teacher at our local TAFE (Technical and Further Education) College. I teach 2 subjects - Community Support Principles and Empowerment from the Cert IV in Disability Services. I am always looking for new material to present to my students, especially 'real to life' experiences of people with disabilities (including women) who have been empowered - what/who/how etc. If anyone would like to share their experiences please email me on the address avove. I look forward to your replies.

Sent: 5.36 pm - sun 1 apr 2001 Private Entry:

Name: vivian parker
Hometown: Westland Michigan
Country of Origin: USA
Sent: 8.43 pm - sat 10 mar 2001

I'm a single mom a women of color and I have two Disabled children.I belong to group of women.We are called WOMEN VOICES IN ACTION.We are hosting a talk with 2nd yr med students at WSU in DET.Our goal is to change the face of disability in Southeastern Michigan

Name: Lynda Appell
Hometown: Upper Darby, PA
Organization n/a
Country of Origin: US
Favourite Women's website URL: www.feminist.com
Favourite Disability URL: http://www.bazelon.org
Sent: 10.21 am - thu 1 mar 2001

Warmest wishes on your caring, comprehensive women's disability advocacy site.
I have a disabilities issues site. Please see Homepage address. You're warmly welcomed to check it out. Hope you like it. It stresses the 3 Es, empowerment, encouargement, equality.

Name: Roberta Livingstone
Hometown: North Bay, Ontario Canada
Organization D.A.W.N. Ontario
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 3.16 pm - tue 30 jan 2001

I have become disabled in recent years. Thirty-three years ago I married a man who is also disabled. Early in the marriage we had a landlord refuse to rent to us because my husband was disabled. Since then, I have become increasingly aware of the struggle of the disabled to be acknowledged in society. Disabled rights is not a matter of seeking special privleges, but rather a heartfelt desire to be accepted as as equal to other citizens in society. This is a struggle all people should take an interest in because aging is rapidly being looked at as a disability and as an excuse to treat someone as a second class person. Since even able-bodied people will definitely get older, they had better think ahead. The other benefit to accomodating disabilities, is all citizens benefit from those accomodations.

Name: Lisa Allen
Hometown: Brights Gove
Organization Learning Disabilities Program York University
Country of Origin: Ontario, Canada
Sent: 11.45 am - sat 6 jan 2001

I am currently writing stoires about disabled women in the future and how technological and medical innovation may not be the social saviour that so many belive it will be. These stories will be part of my Masters Work in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.

Name: Sandra Colborne
Hometown: Orangeville Ontario
Sent: 4:48 pm - tue 7 nov 2000
Wow!!!!! What a lovely surprise. I was surfing the net and came across your website. My Sister ( Carolyn Colborne) belonged to the toronto chapter of Dawn. She passed away quite a few years ago now but I remember vividly her telling me all about Dawn and how proud she was to be a part of it. God bless you all. Sincerley Sandy Colborne

Name: Darlene Belanger
Hometown: Port Severn, Ontario
Organization mature woman up against brick wall- THE LAW AND GOVERNMENT
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: I have not found one till now
Favourite Disability URL: As an epileptic, I am constantly amazed with the fear associated with my disability
Sent: 5:02 pm - tue 24 oct 2000
I have discovered lately that the response to women, or this particular person, when in a situation of obtaining help from some form of compassionate government help, all to often a brick wall is encountered. Separated for a year now and trying to accomplish an individuality where I am fully self sufficient with a further education is almost impossible with all the agencies I have spoken to. " Lady, (and do not call me lady)you are at an age where retirement should be your goal, not apprenticeship."

Name: Heather Macdonald
Homepage: http://www.anaurora.co.uk
Hometown: Edinburgh
Organization none
Country of Origin: UK
Sent: 9:47 am - mon 23 oct 2000
Came across your web site and I am delighted. I started a voluntary run internet magazine for disabled women several months ago, http://www.anaurora.co.uk I am on the look out for new articles so that my project can contine. Good luck with DAWN

Private Entry:

Name: Judi Johnny
Hometown: Whitehorse
Organization Women On Wings
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: NA
Favourite Disability URL: NA
Sent: 5:17 pm - sat 9 sep 2000
This looks like avery interesting website you all have. Too bad you're under an oppressive government! By what I hear on the radio and listen to on the television, you're not a group of feminists Mile Harris would invite for cocktails eh!!!!!!!

Name: Connie
Homepage: http://www.lookingglass.org
Organization Through the Looking Glass
Country of Origin: USA
Sent: 4:59 pm - fri 1 sep 2000
A parent up in Canada recommended that I visit your site. Through the Looking Glass is a nonprofit organization located in Berkeley, CA. We are a national resource center for parents with disabilities and their families. Glad to know of DAWN and hope we can be a resource for people up north!

Name: Bonita Zimmerman
Hometown: Carbondale
Country of Origin: USA
Sent: 2:48 pm - fri 25 aug 2000
I have surfed the net for disability information. Unfortunately, most of disability issues seem to address the needs of men rather than women. Disabled women seem to be much more disadvantage and discriminated against than disabled men. I have particularly noticed that much has been done to improve disabled mens' lives, but almost nothing has been done to improve disabled womens' lives. This is particularly true in healthcare

Name: Lawrence Shapiro
Hometown: Dundas, Ontario
Country of Origin: CANADA
Sent: 9:58 pm - fri 21 jul 2000
July 21, 2000

Dear DAWN:

Although I am male, I am an amputee and have just returned from the Amputee Coalition of America conference in Florida. There, I suggested the idea of a video on sex, body image and the amputee. I have started doing some research on what currently exists in terms of videos which focus on sex and disability. I just wanted to make sure your group is aware of a video called "Sexuality Reborn" which is produced by the Kessler Institute in the United States. This video focuses on people with spinal cord injuries and explicitly depicts how they are intimate. These are real people, not actors. If you are not familiar with it, please contact me and I can put you through to the people at the Kessler Institute.

Do you have any women in your group who are amputees? Would they be interested in a video exploring the physical and emotional issues revolving around sexuality and amputation? My interest is sincere and my objective is worthwhile. I believe sexuality receives less than no attention in the field of amputee rehabilitation and I would like to begin a dialogue on this if there are women at DAWN who have suffered limb loss and are interested/willing to explore this issue.

Thank you very much and I wish your organization continued success.

Yours Sincerely,

Lawrence Shapiro

Name: Teresa Green-Longley
Hometown: Falling Waterss WV
Organization Family Works Inc
Country of Origin: United States
Sent: 2:21 pm - mon 10 jul 2000
I am the Exectuive Director of the above agency and am currenly working on a very difficult case. A family has lost their child because of neglect issues. Both parents are intellectually limited and the mother has MD. I am new to these special issues and my position has been to terminate parental rights because of the couples limitations in addition to the absence of services that can be implemented for these parents. They need training without a doubt, but I don't feel mainstream training will suffice. They need hands on, but I can't recommend hands on with their daughter as it is too risky. I know that I am new to these issues and I have requested the Judge time to do fair research before a ruling is passed down. If there is anyone out there who can recommend what type of training might be sufficient please contact via E-mail. Thank You.

Name: lorraine Skeet
Hometown: Farnham, Surrey
Organization none
Country of Origin: UK
Favourite Women's website URL: none
Favourite Disability URL: none
Sent: 10:58 am - thu 6 apr 2000
I am trying to get information about Domestic Violence and Disability for my college course. I would appreciate any help or advice on books to read or web pages that I may be able to find the information I need. Thanks in advance.

Name: Shampa Sengupta
Hometown: Calcutta
Country of Origin: India
Sent: 7:06 am - tue 4 apr 2000
With experience of years to work on the issue of disability and also women and violence, I am keen on starting on a research project on Sexuality and sexual abuse of youg women. Not yet able to find much study in India. Willing to interact with groups and individuals who can help me in this project so that this study can be used to create awareness inmmy country.

Shampa Sengupta

Name: Nelson Coffie
Organization Coucil for the disabled
Country of Origin: Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
Sent: 9:14 am - sat 4 mar 2000
As president of the Coucil for the disabled, I was looking for information on disabled women to make a press release relatint to the international day of women. I hope in the future to visit this website.

Name: Stacy Orr
Hometown: Nanaimo
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 5:46 pm - thu 27 jan 2000
As a woman, a university student, and someone with a disability, I find this website interesting.

Name: Shirley Hesche
Hometown: San Diego
Organization San Diego City Schools
Country of Origin: USA
Sent: 11:45 am - sun 2 jan 2000
Our district METRO Program (for students with disabilities ages 18-22) is collecting current resources and developing program and curriculum for abuse prevention.

Name: Margaret Oldfield
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Organization researcher/activist
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 11:37 am - tue 7 dec 1999
I'm trying to find a fact sheet or some other short piece of writing that outlines why feminist/women's events and organizations should be accessible to women with disabilities. In the past year I've challenged three feminist organizations I'm involved with about their inaccessibility. In return, I received defensive, angry reactions. I've decided that the next time I try this, I'm going to include something written by someone other than me, preferably an organization, that will be more credibile than I am as an individual.

It's a struggle to get these feminist groups to see the disability rights movement as a movement to reduce oppression, just as feminism is. They seem to see it as an individual problem, as in the medical and human rights models of disability. This struggle may be similar to what happened when women of colour challenged white feminists about their racism. Now a decade or so later, anti-racist work is integrated into feminism in Canada, more or less. Perhaps in another decade anti-ableism will be common in Canadian feminism as well. Any thoughts on this?

I'm also interested in other women's experiences in challenging ableism in feminism -- what approaches worked and what didn't work?

Name: Carole Hull
Hometown: Saugeen Shores
Organization none
Country of Origin: Ont.
Favourite Women's website URL: none
Favourite Disability URL: none
Sent: 8:08 pm - fri 5 nov 1999
Hi! I just found this site, and I need information on financial resources available to someone with a work related disability.Last year I had back surgury on two disks.As a result I have ongoing problems with my back and am seeing a surgeon about bladder problems.WSIB have discontinued payment,all this information they have,I just can't mentally fight with them at this time.
I would appreciate any information as I'm at my wits end

Name: Cornelia Bryant
Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Organization Head Injury Association of SSM
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Favourite Disability URL: http://indie.ca
Sent: 6:06 pm - sun 10 oct 1999
As a woman with a disability resulting in multiple handicaps, I was pleased to find this website. Keep it going!

Name: Kim Giaurtis
Hometown: Vienna
Country of Origin: United States of America
Sent: 10:25 pm - mon 4 oct 1999
I am not a physically handicapped person. However I do have some emotional handicapps that get in the way of my life. But I shall over come. The abilities I do have will make sure of that!

Name: Carol Wood
Homepage: http://umdnj.edu
Hometown: newark
Organization violence institute of nj
Country of Origin: usa
Favourite Women's website URL: none
Sent: 3:44 pm - mon 20 sep 1999
Seeking information on disabilities and abuse.

Name: Deborah Bryant
Hometown: New Jersey
Organization Violence Institute of UMDNJ
Country of Origin: USA
Sent: 3:32 pm - tue 7 sep 1999
Doing research - looking for information regarding an article on "Beating the Odds" - Violence against women w/ diabilities (Pos. paper 2)

Name: Carole Hayes Collier
Hometown: Syracuse
Organization Recipient Affairs
Country of Origin: USA
Favourite Disability URL: Madness
Sent: 9:25 am - mon 9 aug 1999
Greetings from a feminist psychiatric survivor. I just tripped upon your page in my search for holocaust symbolism for psychiatric patients who were murdered. We are trying to find some way of evidencing witness to their lives and recognize the solidarity we experience as New York State moves into Involuntary Outpatient Commitment........Best...Carole

Name: Yvonne Gordon
Hometown: Dallas
Country of Origin: U.S.
Sent: 10:51 pm - thu 22 jul 1999
I enjoyed your website. It was informative. I am glad to see an organization looking out for womens issues. I hope to see more.

Name: Stephanie Rodriguez
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Organization Texas Woman's University
Country of Origin: U.S.
Sent: 9:20 pm - wed 21 jul 1999
I am a graduate student compiling a resource list for use in Women's Studies classes. Your site has been repeatedly recommended to me and is one I will certainly endorse. Great work.

Name: j mcvay
Homepage: http://www.blvd.com
Hometown: san diego
Favourite Disability URL: www.blvd.com
Sent: 1:00 pm - sun 11 jul 1999
Visit The Boulevard [http://www.blvd.com] for your FREE video of:
"People with Disabilities and Computers": produced by Enable

People with Disabilities and Computers" is a documentary video that
profiles a diverse array of individuals using technology in their lives.
Read biographies of the participants and order your own copy of the
video free.

Continue to visit The Boulevard for access to the most current
information available on assistive technology. BOOKMARK us now.


Name: Nalani Aki
Homepage: http://www.stoptheviolence.org
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Organization Domestic Violence Clearinghouse and Legal Hotline
Country of Origin: United States
Sent: 8:08 pm - thu 13 may 1999
The information from DAWN has been helpful in the Domestic Violence Access Project's attempts to increase our knowledge, and improve our responses to women with disabilities who are victims of domestic violence. We continue to learn and grow each day.

Name: D. Gatea
Country of Origin: Romania
Sent: 1:29 pm - wed 12 may 1999
You are wonderful!

Name: Marc Archambault
Homepage: http://www.nordev.com
Hometown: North Bay
Organization Northshore Developments
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 1:12 pm - wed 7 apr 1999
I love what you did with the logo on the main menu page. It looks very professional. I'm impressed.

Name: Marc Archambault
Homepage: http://www.nordev.com
Hometown: North Bay
Organization Northshore Developments
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 1:12 pm - wed 7 apr 1999
I love what you did with the logo on the main menu page. It's looks very professional. I'm impressed.

Name: Penny Baltzer
Hometown: Mississauga
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 11:11 am - wed 24 mar 1999
Great to see DAWN Ontario in the North, and moving right along! Fern (DAWN Sudbury), I hope you're well and email me when you get this message.

DAWN Ontario is vital for women with disabilities. Keep up the good work.

Here's to abilites, not disabilities!

Name: Caroline Vaillancourt
Homepage: http://www.cbsc.org
Hometown: North Bay
Organization Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre
Country of Origin: Canada
Sent: 12:48 pm - mon 22 mar 1999
Great job on your website, especially all links that you have made available. Your website contains ample information on disabled women, and is a great resource site!

Name: Joan Sharman
Hometown: North Bay
Sent: 6:30 am - sun 21 mar 1999
Congratulations! Your design is quite striking. What a great job!

Name: J.P. Raicine
Homepage: http://www.thot.net
Hometown: North Bay
Organization Thot Networks
Country of Origin: Canada
Favourite Women's website URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Sent: 12:36 am - fri 19 mar 1999
What an excellent resource site!

Name: Alexis Bridges
Homepage: http://come.to/lexibridges
Hometown: Boston, MA
Organization: American Women's Alliance
Country of Origin: USA
Favourite Disability Website URL: http://dawn.thot.net
Sent: 11:39 am - tue 9 mar 1999
Message: I really enjoy visiting your site. Thank you for sharing the music from your site with me. I added your music to my homepage on poetry and prose because I liked it so much.

Kathy Weiss
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

Congratulations on such an excellent home page. It is full of ideas for our organization. Great to see that disabled women in Ontario [my province of birth] are leading the world in terms of using information technology to promote inclusiveness, access and equity.


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