In Loving Memory of Kimberly Anne McConnell


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Kimberly Anne McConnell

Kimberly Anne McConnell

Nov. 26, 1964 - Feb. 4, 2003

It is with much sadness in our hearts that we announce that our beloved sister and friend Kim McConnell of Sudbury, passed away suddenly on February 4, 2003.

Kim was a past member of the DAWN Ontario board, serving on the executive as Treasurer until 1999. Kim was an activist in the disAbility movement for many years facilitating a strong voice for Women with DisAbilities. She served as a Board member for the Northeastern Ontario Regional Alliance for the DisAbled (formerly P.U.S.H. Northeast - Persons United for Self-Help) and DAWN Sudbury. As well, Kim was a member of the Advisory Committee for "Voicing our Experiences," a project conducted by DAWN Sudbury.  

Kim's professional career included employment with the Glenn Crombie Centre, a Centre dedicated to serving the needs of students with disabilities at Cambrian College in Sudbury. Kim also worked as clerical support for four years in the area of program delivery for students with special needs at Cambrian College, after graduating from Cambrian's Medical Secretarial Program.   From 1990 to 1995, Kim worked in the Minister's Office of the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines where she gained exposure to the Ministry's mandate, political issues and the policies and procedures of the Government of Ontario.

Kim shared her many skills with DAWN; We will remember her most for her incredible integrity, her leadership, her joy of life, her kindness, compassion, her immense enthusiasm, her incredible sense of humour and her wonderful style!

Kim will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

In honour and in memory of Kim McConnell, DAWN Ontario has named our Annual Inclusion Award (started in 2001) as the
Kim McConnell Leadership Inclusion Award


A message from Kim's family ...

February 8, 2003

Dear family and friends,

For those of you who could not attend Kim's Memorial Service, we would like to share this with you.

The visitations and funeral were attended by approximately 275 people. Guests included the Mayor of Sudbury, Jim Gordon; Rick Bartolucci, Member of Provincial Parliament (Sudbury) who was Kim's elementary school teacher; staff representing Shelley Martel, Member of Provincial Parliament (Nickel Belt) (for whom Kim was a clerical support staff member for 5 years); 100% turn-out from the nine Handi-Transit bus drivers, several of Kim's peers who also grew up and live with a disability, four limousines of Kim's friends from Casa Bella (where she lived for 14 years), Kim's friends from school and work, many of our parents' friends and their families, and previous coworkers…and of course our family, including our grandparents who are 85 years old.

We have attached for you the Prayer Card, which includes a photo of Kim, her obituary, and the verse "Green". Our Aunt Laurette gave her this poem, framed beautifully, when Kim was struggling with her identity, as an adolescent. Kim always had this poem prominently displayed in her home. Also attached is the Eulogy, written and delivered by Jodie, and the Program for Kim's Memorial Service.

Our family was thinking of all those who could not be at Kim's service with love and affection. We thank you for all what you shared with Kim, during her lifetime, and for your thoughts and prayers.

Bob, Jean & Jodie


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Eulogy: A Reflection on the Love and Life of Kim
Delivered by Jodie Lynn McConnell

Program for Kim's Memorial Service

Kim's Prayer Card

Bound for Northern Ontario
written by Andy Lowe
Andy Lowe performed this original song at Kim's Memorial Service

Christina Rosetti's poem
Remember Me When I'm Gone

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