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Family Law Issues Workshop
Custody & Access and Child Protection
for Women with DisAbilities and Deaf Women
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Disclosure of Records Workshop
for Women with DisAbilities and Deaf Women
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Restraining Orders, Peace Bonds & Terms of Release
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Finding a Lawyer
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Covering Your Tracks Online
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Criminal Code Defences

Custody and Access

Policy Issues

Disability Legislation (Ontario)

Legal Resources in Ontario
Community Legal Clinics in Ontario
Legal Resources in Other Provinces
National Legal Resources
National Legal Organizations
Federal Government
Academic Legal Resources

LEAF Factum on Falkiner

Legal Services for Assaulted Women

What can Women with disAbilities do to Be Safe

Statistics on Persons with Disabilities in Ontario



Department of Justice, Consultation paper, REFORMING CRIMINAL CODE DEFENCES, Provocation, Self-Defence and Defence of Property

CAEFS' (Elizabeth Fry Society) Response to the Department of Justice re: Reforming Criminal Code Defences: Provocation, Self-Defence and Defence of Property (1998)

NAWL's (National Association of Women and the Law) Brief on Defence of Provocation, Stop Excusing Violence Against Women




Divorce Act Amendments Announced
Advantages || Disadvantages || Conclusion

Take Action on Custody and Access
Lobby Material from OWNCCA now available

Take Action on Child
Custody & Access

* Divorce Act Amendments
Backgrounder on OWNCCA
* Backgrounder on Family Law Reform
* Sample Letter to the Minister of Justice
* Media Pointers
* Five fact sheets:
Best Interest of the Child || Woman Abuse || Women's Access to Justice
Women's (In)Equality || Parenting After Separation

Changes to the Law Threaten Abused Women & their Children
For the latest updates on Custody & Access
visit the Ontario Women's Justice Network - OWJN

ALERT BULLETIN updated May 15, 2001 en francais

Custody & Access: Changes to the Law Threaten Abused Women & their Children dated March 30, 2001 by Pamela Cross of the Ontario Women's Justice Network

Summary of Recommendations of the Report on Custody and Access: For the Sake of the Children by the Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access

Reflections on the Report:- an article by Pamela Cross, OWJN (Ontario Women's Justice Network) Coordinator

"Brief to the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Family Law Committee on Custody, Access and Child Support" - Ontario Women's Network on Custody & Access - an extensive analysis of the consultation process, critical assessment of the proposed models, and list of 40 recommendations (French to come)

"Feedback Booklet for the Consultation on Custody, Access and Child Support" - Vancouver Custody & Access Support & Advocacy Association and Battered Women's Support Services - point-by-point critique of the feedback booklet by BC women's groups

"Analysis of Part 1 of the Consultation Document" by Pamela Cross, April 30, 2001

Analyse du document « L’intérêt de l’enfant d’abord – Partie 1 » par Pamela Cross, 30 April

Women's Organizations Boycott Custody Consultations - Media Release, Ottawa, June 6th

Les organismes de femmes dénoncent les consultations sur la garde légale - communiqué de presse, Ottawa, 6 juin 2001

Changes to Canada's Divorse Act Underway: Round of provincial consultations begin in Vancouver - Press Release, June 6

"Relocation of Custodial Parents": Dr. Martha Bailey and Prof. Michelle Giroux, Status of Women website

"Women and Children Last: Custody Disputes and the Family 'Justice' System": Georgina Taylor, Jan Barnsley and Penny Goldsmith, Vancouver Custody and Access Support and Advocacy Association, Women's Research Centre

"Spousal Violence in Custody and Access Disputes: Recommendations for Reform": Nicholas M.C. Bala, Lorne D. Bertrand, Joanne J. Paetsch, Status of Women site




About Gender-Based Analysis (from PAR-L)

Status of Women Canada's guide (en français) to Gender-Based Analysis.

A guide to Gender-Based Analysis of Canadian public policy:
Women Matter: Gender, Development and Policy, by Martha Muzychka, March 1995 (Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Newfoundland and Labrador)

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DAWN Ontario is an organizational member of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee.

To learn about the Ontarians with Disabilies Act, please read our detailed backgrounder on the ODA..

Read the major ODA "Blueprint" Brief, delivered to the Legislature April 22, 1998. (below are anchored links to relevant section of the Brief.)

Summary of the ODA "Blueprint" Brief

Chapter 2 of the ODA "Blueprint" Brief:
"The Contents of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act"

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Legal Aid Ontario
Legal Aid provides good quality legal services for people who can't afford a lawyer. Their site provides lots of information on law and their services.

Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC)
The Income Security Advocacy Centre works with and on behalf of low income communities in Ontario to address issues of income security and poverty. The Centre initiates and conducts test case and Charter litigation, law reform and community development related to federal and provincial income security programs such as Ontario Works, the Ontario Disability Support Program, Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan.

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)
A community legal clinic that produces clear language material for people with low incomes. Main topics include social assistance, landlord & tenant law, refugee and immigration law, workers' compensation, women's issues, family law, employment insurance & human rights.

Ontario Human Rights Commission
This website provides information on legal decisions (human rights), how to file a complaint, policy, education and more.

Guide to Ontario Courts
This website provides information about the different courts in Ontario and names of the judges. The website also provides information on procedures and policies.

Ontario Legislative Assembly
This website provides its viewers with lists of legislative decisions, bills awaiting votes and other information.

Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System of the London Family Court Clinic
This website gives information on the services provided by the London Family Court Clinic provides as well as resources pertaining to family violence.

Law Society of Upper Canada
LSUC is the watchdog for proper practices amongst Ontario lawyers. The site has information for both lawyers and lay people. It also provides links to other legal resources and features a lawyer directory with some data on the services the individual lawyers offer.

Law Line
This service provides useful and articulate information on Ontario and federal laws. It also has a directory of lawyers; all lawyers listed are in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Ombudsman Ontario

Access to Justice Network

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LEGAL RESOURCES in Other Provinces

Legal Resources - Provincial Association of Transitional Houses in Saskatchewan
Links to legal sites and to papers and articles on specific legal issues such as mediation, custody and access and self defence. Some of  information is specific to Saskatchewan.

Stop the Violence
A section of the Manitoba Women's Directorate website, this section offers provincial info on Manitoba justice regarding all forms of woman abuse.

The Law and Abused Women
Approaches the topic of domestic abuse from various angles: straight facts, resources and referral information; personal stories; a role playing game; and an online discussion forum. A project by University of Alberta, Legal Studies.

I Net The Pink Files
This website provides legal information specifically for women in Saskatchewan and nationally.

Law Students Legal Advice Program, University of British Columbia
The Law Students Legal Advice Program gives free legal advice throughout the greater Vancouver regional district.

Electronic Law Library
This website provides information about British Columbia's courts, government and the law. There is some information on the same topics for the federal level as well.

West Coast Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)
This organization takes on test cases with respect to women’s equality issues.


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Zero Tolerance Against Violence
Information on the defences of provocation and how they reduce the defendant's responsibility for a sexist, homophobic or racist murder.

National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL)
This website briefly describes most of NAWL's publications about legal issues relevant to women. Some articles are available online. Other legal resources can be found here as well.

Legal information for immigrant women who are being abused by their partners or spouses. Online discussion forum.

Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies l'Association canadienne des Sociétés Elizabeth Fry
The information on this website focuses on women who are involved with the justice system, particularly women in conflict with the law.

Aboriginal Law and Legislation in Canada
This site provides information on Aboriginal Constitutional Enactments, law, legislation and court decisions. This site also provides historical and contemporary legal documents that affect Aboriginal rights.

National Crime Prevention Centre
This website is focused on crime prevention and safety initiatives.

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Access to Justice Network
The information on this site responds to those needing legislative information or referrals for legal assistance.

Supreme Court of Canada
This website gives information about the court, its procedures, decisions and an overview of the process.

Human Resources Development Canada
This site gives brief information on sexual harassment in the workplace. It provides a definition of sexual harassment, as well as information about laying a complaint and what the employer must do before and after a complaint has been made.

Department of Justice Canada
This site gives information about the laws in Canada including the Criminal Code, statutes, government bills etc.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
This is a Department of Justice website that provides information on the rights protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Legal Canadian FAQs
This website is an extention of the University of Alberta’s website and provides legal information on a variety of different topics including, violence against women and children.

Women’s Human Rights Resource, Bora Laskin Law Library
The Women’s Human Rights Resource site focuses on resources on a range of different global issues women face today. It also provides information on upcoming events and conferences.




The above links on Criminal Code Defences, Custody & Access, and Legal Resources were obtained from the website of the Ontario Women's Justice Network (OWJN) Please visit the OWJN site

Disability Legislation (Ontario) is from the website of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee at www.odacommittee.net

Information for Policies Issues was obtained from PAR-L

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