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Menopause Study for Women with Spinal Cord Injury
University of Michigan Health System
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

May 5, 2005


This goal of this study is to understand how menopause is experienced by women who have spinal cord injuries. Findings will help women with spinal cord injury and their healthcare providers better understand unique health risks and allow them to maximize their health during menopause.

Participants will complete 4 surveys about their health and emotional wellbeing.

The study lasts 3 years and participants can earn up to $160.

We are recruiting women with spinal cord injury, men with spinal cord injury and non-disabled women for this study.

You may be able to participate in this study if you*

Are a woman or man with a spinal cord injury and also*
  • Have an injury between C6 and T12 and are mostly non-ambulatory
  • Use a wheelchair (manual or power) most of the time
  • It has been at least 36 months since your injury
You must also be:
  • Between the ages of 45 and 60
  • A non-smoker
And if you are a woman, if you...
  • Are not taking hormone replacement therapy or birth control
  • Have never had a hysterectomy with ovary removal

For more information, e-mail us at MenopauseSCI@med.umich.edu or call 734-936-9334

Mary Burton, M.S, Project Associate
Martha Ellen, N.P., Study Coordinator
Claire Z. Kalpakjian, Ph.D, Co-Principal Investigator
David G. Gater, MD., Ph.D, Co-Principal Investigator
IRB # 2004-0766

University of Michigan Health System

Source: Mary Burton

NB: This study is open to participants from Canada



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