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O.D.S.P. Action Coalition
Access to ODSP Campaign (Ontario Disability Support Program)

January 28, 2003


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The Hon. Brenda Elliott, Minister of Community, Family, & Children's Services

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The Honourable Brenda Elliott,
Minister of Community, Family and Children's Services
Hepburn Block, 6th Floor
80 Grosvenor St.
Toronto ON  M7A 1E9

What to say:

As an Ontarian, I am disturbed by the government's role in creating barriers for people who need Ontario Disability Support. The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) should be accessible to people in need. Vulnerable people should not have to face the unjustifiable barriers when asked to complete the Disability Determination Package. If people succeed in getting on ODSP, they again face additional barriers contacting workers and accessing the program.

We urge you to adopt the recommendations of the ODSP Action Coalition and make the ODSP accessible to people with disabilities.


  • The application & reassessment process - Make them accessible and easy to complete

  • Decision-making - A transparent, accountable, speedier process

  • Client Services - Clients need clear language decisions, individual caseworkers, interpreters, and an increase in O.W. and O.D.S.P. rates

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Please note that the Minister does not respond to emails by email due to "privacy concerns" as per Ministry staff. You must include your mailing address if you want a response from the Minister.

For further info:

Please visit the website of the
Income Security Advocacy Centre

ODSP Action Coalition Campaign chairperson is Nancy Vander Plaats

To send endorsements and/or personal stories:

please email
Catherine Manson email: mansonc@lao.on.ca

O.D.S.P. Action Coalition

c/o Flemingdon Community Legal Services
49 The Donway West, Suite 205
Don Mills, ON   M3C-3M9



Background Info:

Access to ODSP Campaign
Ontario Disability Support Program
Summary of Forum Reports
draft dd January 9, 2003

A. Introduction
B. The Forums
C. The Main Themes
D. Specific Concerns

1. The Application Process
2. DAU Adjudication
3. Client Service
4. Other

E. Specific Recommendations

1. The Application Process
2. DAU Adjudication
3. Client Service
4. Other

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