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Ontario Election 2003
Organizing Information & Resources for Social Justice Activists




Ontario Health Coalition - Election Planning Kit #1
All Candidates' Meeting Planning

DisAbility Legislation - ODA Act 2001

Ontarians With Disabilities Act (ODA) Committee Action Kit dd Sept. 2, 2003
United to Achieve a Barrier-Free Ontario

The ODA Committee is a voluntary coalition of individuals & community organizations who have united to secure the passage in Ontario of a new law which would achieve a barrier-free society for people with disabilities. For the Oct. 2, 2003 Ontario Election, we've launched a campaign to move forward on the long, challenging road to a barrier-free Ontario for 1.9 million Ontarians with disabilities.

arrowODA Committee Action Kit
arrowODA Committee Election 2003 Leaflet
arrowODA Committee Chronology

arrowElection 2003 Political Parties Voting Record Factsheet

Ontario Disability Support Program - ODSP

ODSP Issues in Provincial Election Campaign - Questions for Ontario Election 2003

ODSP Fact Sheet - Media Stats

ODSP Facts and Questions: Ontario Election 2003

Take Action on ODSP Reform

ODSP - Ontario Disability Support Program - Action Coalition

Denial by Design: Ontario Disability Support Program


Feed the Kids AND Pay the Rent Campaign

arrowPay the Rent Lobby Blitz Action to raise social assistance's shelter allowance to average rent levels

Pay the Rent (Toronto) Campaign

Implement Rogers Inquest Jury Recommendations

Ban the Welfare Bans

Ontario Needs a Raise Campaign

Leaving Welfare for Work? Questions & Answers

Child Benefits in Ontario

Minimum Wage - Questions & Answers

Housing & Homelessness

Housing Ontario Means Everyone (HOME)

Housing & Homelessness Network in Ontario (HHNO)

Fair Wage for Workers

Minimum Wage - Questions & Answers

Fair Wage Campaign

Ontario Needs a Raise Campaign



Women Vote - Make Your Votes Count Election Ontario 2003

Poverty & Women's Health


Stats Comparing Social Assistance Rates Across Canada

Provincial Party Leaders Respond to Letter from Ontario’s Religious Leaders
Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC) - On 24 Feb, 2003, a letter from Ontario religious leaders was sent to each of the three Ontario provincial party leaders asking him to respond to six questions within the next six weeks. ISARC was asked to receive the letters and distribute them to religious leaders and various coalitions. The responses from the two opposition leaders came by 1 April 2003. After numerous calls to both Premier Ernie Eves MPP & Minister Brenda Elliott MPP, ISARC finally received the government’s letter, dated 10 June 2003. All responses under each leader are complete, unedited quotes from their letters. No information was deleted except salutations & closings. Read More

Party Platforms and Information

Ontario Aids Network (OAN)
(excellent resources!)

arrowIntro and Election Tips

arrowElection Resources

arrowMessages and Questions for Candidates

arrowVoter Information

arrowHomeless Voter Information

arrowRiding and Candidate Information List

arrowOntario Disability Support Program

Elections Ontario

Non-partisan resource for information on all aspects of the election process. Includes:

  • plug in a postal code or an address and find your electoral district and a list of candidates in your district
  • find the name and contact information for returning officers
  • information on who can vote and how to vote
  • advance polls and voting by proxy
  • how non-traditional residents (people with no permanent address, inmates, homeless) can vote or phone toll free at 1-888-668-8683 (1-888-ONT-VOTE)

Tools & Resources

DAWN Media Kit

arrowLetters to Editor

arrowCompiling a Press List
arrowPreparing a Press Release
arrowThe Press Conference
arrowWriting Letters to the Editor
arrowDealing with TV & Radio
arrowPreparing a PSA
arrowRadio & TV News Interviews
arrowEditorial Reply Time

arrowGetting on Radio Call-ins
Placing on TV or Radio
arrowOther Media Options

Ontario Media Directory

Ontario Media Email Addresses

Canadian Media Email Addies for Letter to Editor


Ontario MPP Contact Info

Ontario Conservative MPPs' Tel/Fax

Ontario MPP Email Addies

Ontario Gov't ODSP & OW Links

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
Employment & Income Supports for Ontarians with Disabilities

ODSP Legislation
arrowOntario Disability Support Program Act
arrowOntario Disability Support Program Regulation

ODSP Publications
arrowODSP Handbook
arrowInformation on ODSP Employment Supports
arrowEmployment Supports

ODSP Policy Manuals
arrowODSP Employment Supports Policy Directives
arrowODSP Income Support Policy Directives

Ontario Works (OW)
Ontario government's welfare-to-work program: provides financial and employment assistance to single people, couples with and without children, and sole-support parents.

OW Legislation
arrowOntario Works Act
arrowOntario Works Regulation

OW Publications
arrowOntario's Welfare Caseload


OW Policy Manual
arrow OW Policy Directives

Ministry of Community, Family & Children's Services (MCFCS)
Ministry responsible for ODSP & OW

MCFCS Business Plan 2002 - 2003
arrow Welfare Stats
Statistics on Social Assistance




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