Ontario Social Safety NetWork -  The OSSN is an Ontario-wide coalition of low income community groups, legal clinics, social agencies and faith based groups committed to addressing poverty and inequity by working on issues of concern to low income communities and vulnerable groups.



Resource Development:

  • Participatory research on resources needed by local groups using surveys and input from local groups

  • Development of unified resource development strategy through meetings and conference calls with interested local groups

  • Identification of local funding opportunities/produce guide to faith-based and labour fundraising

  • Capacity building

Policy Development

  • Participatory research on impact of current social policy using focus groups and surveys

  • Development of unified policy position using focus groups and forums

  • Preparation, review and endorsement of policy papers

Public Education

  • Strategic planning through regular general meetings, development of internet,
    e-mail, phone network

  • Creation of popular basic education materials based on the policy development process (fact sheets, question and answer sheets, myth busting)

  • Create local action networks for public education campaigns:

    - Pay the Rent Feed the Kids campaign
    - Justice with Dignity campaign
    - ODSP campaign
    - Low income voter participation campaign
    - Best Practices exchange - workshops

Organizational Development

  • Development of by-laws and policies to set up a democratic process for decision-making, representation, administering finances and managing staff etc.



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