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Business Start Up in British Columbia

Name Registration

The procedure to register your business will now be explained in a step by step format.

1. Name approval:

The first step to register your business is to get a business name reserved.

Please note, sole proprietorship or partnership name are not protected and can be used by other businesses.

Sole proprietorship and partnership names cannot use any form of corporate designation, for example Limited, Ltd., Inc., Corporation.

2. Fill out a Declaration for Proprietorship or Partnership - registration form:

Ensure all appropriate areas are completed and information is correct.

3. Submit your declaration and fee:

Fees: $30.00 for name reservation and $30.00 for filing your declarations.

Please note you must have a name approved prior to filing your declaration.

Forward the completed form and fee to the Corporate Registry office in Victoria. Your declaration must reach the Corporate Registry prior to your name expiry date, if not, you will have to reapply for the name and pay another $30.00.

4. Processing of your declaration:

Once your request reaches the Corporate Registry office, it normally takes seven working days to process your declaration. A certified copy of your declaration will be returned to you by mail. If you do not receive your certified copy within four weeks, please contact the Corporate Registry office.

The Partnership Act regulates how sole proprietorship and partnership are registered. You can order a copy of the act by calling Crown Publications in Victoria at (250)386-4636 or International Travel Maps & Books in Vancouver at (604)687-3320.


Locations of Business Registration Offices
in British Columbia

Complete list available at:
URL: http://www.onestopbc.ca/locations.html

Vancouver Island locations of
Business Registration Offices:

B.C. Access Centre
115 - 1180 Ironwood Road
Phone: (250) 286-7555
Email: Jeffrey.MacKenzie@gems9.gov.bc.ca

Community Futures Development Corporation of Strathcona
2 - 920 Alder Street
Phone: (250) 830-1141
Email: helen.furgale@strathfutures.bc.ca

Courtenay Community Futures Development Corporation
2270 Cliffe Ave
Phone: (250) 334-4415
Email: helen.furgale@strathfutures.bc.ca

B.C. Access Centre
5785 Duncan Street
Phone: (250) 746-1400
Email: Bryon.Johnston@gems2.gov.bc.ca

Government Agent Office
343 Lower Ganges Rd
Phone: (250) 537-5414
Email: Byron.Johnston@gems2.gov.bc.ca

B.C. Access Centre
460 Selby Street
Phone: (250) 741-3636
Email: Chris.Reich@gems3.gov.bc.ca

Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce
Suite E - 777 Poplar Street
Phone: (250) 753-1191
Email: cori-lynn@nanaimochamber.bc.ca

Community Futures Development Corporation of Alberni-Clayoquot
4757 Tebo Avenue
Phone: (250) 724-1241
Email: cfdc@cedar.alberni.net

Government Agent Office
8755 Granville Street
Phone: (250) 949-6323
Email: Bill.Newman@gems2.gov.bc.ca

Community Futures Development Corporation of Mount Waddington
8 - 311 Hemlock Street
Phone: (250) 956-2220
Email: Futures@island.net

Saanich Municipal Hall
770 Vernon Avenue
Phone: (250) 475-1775
Email: fletchem@gov.saanich.bc.ca

Victoria Connects
Suite G7 - 1001 Douglas Street, Sussex Place
Phone: (250) 356-7915
Email: Darlene.Driediger@gems2.gov.bc.ca

VICTORIA (Saanich):
Saanich Municipal Hall
770 Vernon Avenue
Phone: (250) 475-1775
Email: fletchem@gov.saanich.bc.ca

B.C. Ministry of Finance, Corporate & Personal Property Registries
940 Blanshard Street, Second floor
Phone: (250) 387-7848 or (250) 387-4471
Email: Debbie.Turner@gems1.gov.bc.ca

B.C. Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations - Consumer Taxation Branch
1802 Douglas Street, Third floor
Phone: (250) 387-0636
NOTE: This site accepts ONLY cheque or money order for name registration payments.


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Help with Starting Up Small Business

The Canada / British Columbia Business Service Centre is jointly operated and funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada, and the provincial Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture

The website address is:



The Interactive Business Planner online

English: http://www.cbsc.org/ibp/home_en.cfm

French: http://www.rcsec.org/pai/home_fr.cfm

The Interactive Business Planner (IBP) is the first business planning software product designed specifically to operate on the World Wide Web.

The IBP uses the capabilities of the Internet to assist entrepreneurs prepare a 3 year business plan for their new or existing business.

With the IBP, you will:
  • be guided through each section of your business plan using a question and answer format;
  • learn definitions and tips, and view sample business plans to help you to write your own plan;
  • have financial projections prepared for you, based upon the information you provide;
  • and use the power of the Internet to assist you in researching your business plan


Online Small Business Workshop:
Designed to provide you with techniques for developing your idea, starting a new venture and improving your existing small business.
URL: http://www.sb.gov.bc.ca/smallbus/workshop/workshop.html

Popular Requests:
Their most requested business activities are available as Small Business Sourcing Guides. The Guides contain trade shows, associations, books, magazines, videos, government services and more.
URL: http://www.sb.gov.bc.ca/smallbus/lotus/sbguides.htm

Web Sites for Small Business:
Their favourite links for Business Start Up, Export Import, Directories of Companies, Market information, Selling to Government and BC's communities.
URL: http://www.sb.gov.bc.ca/smallbus/sblinks/alllinks.html

Interactive Business Planner:
A step by step business planning tool. Prepare your own professional plan on line, then down load it to your computer.
URL: http://www.sb.gov.bc.ca/smallbus/cbcbsc/ibp.html

New! Interactive Export Planner

URL: http://www.sb.gov.bc.ca/smallbus/cbcbsc/iep.html

Ontario Business Connects (OBC)
URL: http://www.ccr.gov.on.ca/obc/english/4TG2AW.htm

OBC Start Up Info:

Business Planning Information:
URL: http://www.ccr.gov.on.ca/obc/english/4TW2BT.htm
Site includes the following topics:

What is a Business Plan
Why Prepare a Business Plan
Writing a Business Plan
Financial Assistance

Sample Business Plan

Market Research Information:

URL: http://www.ccr.gov.on.ca/obc/english/4U4473.htm
Site includes the following topics:
Industry Information
Writing a marketing plan


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Government Programs in British Columbia

Advanced Systems Institute
Assists in the development, commercialization and use of advanced systems technology, including information systems, telecommunications, microelectronics and robotics.
Tel: (604) 689-0551 or
Toll free: 1 800 501-3388
URL: http://www.asi.bc.ca/asi

Advanced Systems Institute (ASI) Industry Support Programs Information on the ASI Advisory Board, ASI Exchange (high-tech expo), business advice and seminars.

BC OnLine
Subscriber service providing online access to government databases pertaining to business and property registry.
URL: http://bconline.gov.bc.ca/

BC Purchasing Commission & BC Bid
Information for suppliers to the public sector. Provides online tender and bid results.
URL: http://www.pc.gov.bc.ca/

BC Safety Council
Offers occupational Safety & Health Programs.
Tel: (604) 214-7433
URL: http://www.safetycouncil.bc.ca/

BC Technology Industries Association
Links BC technology companies with each other and those in other sectors to stimulate strategic alliances, business opportunities and growth. Publishes a journal 6 times a year.
Tel: (604) 683-6159
URL: http://bctia.org

British Columbia Institute for Studies in International Trade (BCISIT)
Offers courses, seminars and programs for exporters including training on international trade in entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, logistics, distribution, research, and law.
Tel: (604) 412-7686
URL: http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/SSG/mi00852e.html

Business Improvement Area
Provides information, organizational structure, and funding for businesses to establish revitalization, promotional, and marketing programs to improve the commercial viability of an urban neighborhood. Tel: (250) 387-4090
URL: http://www.marh.gov.bc.ca/BIA/

Business Law Clinic
Law clinic operated by the University of Victoria's Faculty of Law to give small businesses low-cost legal advice on such matters as tax, financing, zoning, legal protection of intellectual property, etc.
Tel: (250) 721-8150

Business Registration
Sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations must register with Corporate Registry, Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations, 940 Blanshard Street, 2nd Floor, Victoria, BC V8W 3E6.
Tel: (604) 775-1041
URL: http://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/registries/corppg/

Canada/British Columbia Business Service Centre
Offers information on all levels of government services, programs, and regulations including business startups, exporting, taxation and statistical information. Centre representatives can tailor an information package on specific industry needs.
Tel: (604) 775-5525 or
Toll Free: 1 800 667-2272
URL: http://www.cbsc.org

British Columbia Fishing Schedules and Locations
Provides commercial fishers with information 24 hours a day on BC fishing times, areas, tolls, and closures.
Tel: (604) 666-2828
URL: http://www.cbsc.org/fedbis

Interactive Business Planner
On-line business planning information incorporating Internet resources to assist new businesses in preparing a three-year business plan.
URL: http://www.cbsc.org

Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDC)
Offer a variety of entrepreneurial programs, business counseling, loan programs and business information to community members interested in expanding or starting their own businesses.
URL: http://www.communityfutures.ca/provincial/bc/

Farm Business Management Information Network
Commodity, resource, and business management information for BC farmers.
URL: http://www.fbminet.ca/bc/

Government Agents in Communities
Operate in 60 communities in British Columbia providing the public with information on Provincial Government Programs and can also help you with inquiries concerning Federal, Regional or Municipal Government Services. Each location provides an outlet for payment of most Provincial Government services, supplies, numerous applications or forms, and sells a wide range of publications, etc. Services include accepting payment for company name reservation and registration, performing and a accepting payment for BC Online Searches, providing forms and collecting PST.
Tel: (250) 356-2038 or
Toll Free: 1 800 667-2272
URL: http://www.governmentagents.sb.gov.bc.ca

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Publications
URL: http://www.agf.gov.bc.ca/publicat/publications.htm

Ministry of Exploration & Mines Exploration Opportunities
Information on current opportunities for mining exploration.
Tel: (250) 952-0471
URL: http://www.em.gov.bc.ca/mining/Opport/mopportu.htm

Ministry of Forests
Small Business Forest Enterprise Program provides opportunities for loggers, small sawmills, re-manufacturers or specialty wood product manufacturers to buy Crown timber for their operations. Opportunities available to forest industry consultants and contractors in planning, timber cruising and layout, engineering, road construction, silviculture, and forest protection activities. Refer to the blue pages of your telephone book under Provincial Government - Ministry of Forests for your regional office.
URL: http://www.gov.bc.ca/for/

Ministry of Small Business

On-line Small Business Workshop

Information on starting up a business, including planning, financing, marketing, basic regulations.
Tel: (604) 775-5525 or
Toll Free: 1-800-667-2272
URL: http://www.sb.gov.bc.ca

Web Sites for Small Business
Links to information on business start-up, import/export, government programs & services, companies & market information in BC and Canada.
URL: http://www.sb.gov.bc.ca

Municipal Business Regulations
Municipal governments have jurisdiction over certain zoning bylaws, business licenses, permits, and taxation. Contact your local municipal government office for more information.

Provincial Advocate for Co-Operative Development
Mandate to guide individuals in the development of co-operatives to provide members with goods, services, and/or employment at a savings. Offers a variety of publications on the subject.
Tel: (250) 356-9786

Science Council of BC
Provides financial support for applied research and development projects. Helps BC's science, technology and business communities build networks and make contacts and partnerships.
Tel: (604) 438-2752 or
Toll free: 1-800-665-7222
URL: http://www.scbc.org

Solutions for Small Business Series
A series of online or print books containing information on almost every aspect of researching, starting up, and running a small business in BC. URL: http://www.sbtc.gov.bc.ca/smallbus/publications

Trade Team BC
A partnership of public and private sector organizations offering trade-related services to active and potential exporters including export preparation services, market information and intelligence, export counseling, and international financing.
Tel: (604) 844-1900

U.S. Office for BC Firms
Support office in Seattle to assist BC businesses in obtaining US market information, business contacts, and resources. For businesses that do business in the US but do not want to set up an office there. Set up by the British Columbia Trade Centre.
Tel: (206) 628-3024
Email: bcseattle@p1.apfnet.org

Vendor Permits
Some businesses must register for a vendor permit. To determine if your business requires a permit, contact your local Consumer Taxation Branch office.
Tel: (604) 660-4524 or (250) 387-0656
URL: http://www.fin.gov.bc.ca

Video Conferencing
Videoconference-equipped rooms located in Victoria, Nanaimo, New Westminster, Nelson and Kamloops. Provided by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways.
Tel: 250-387-7628
URL: http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/videoconferencing/vidcon.htm

Western Economic Diversification (WD)
Western Economic Diversification (WD) provides information and financing to small businesses in Western Canada through partnerships with the public and private sector. WD programs and services are available through Community Futures Development Corporations, Women's Enterprise Initiative offices, Canada Business Service Centres, and WD offices throughout Western Canada. To find the nearest centre providing WD services, call:
Toll Free: 1 888 338-9378
URL: http://www.wd.gc.ca

Capital Services
Offers training and support in business planning, development of export markets, selling to government markets.

Export Readiness
Information on selling to government markets in Canada & abroad, help in developing export plans, links to government & industry support programs.

Going International
Information on setting up for exporting with links to sites providing information on international business opportunities.

Government Supplier Development Advisory Services
Provides contact information for marketing goods and services to the public sector and arranges participation in seminars organized by government agencies on selling to government

Service Officers
Will discuss business ideas, review financing options, and help eligible business put together a financial proposal for an appropriate Western Economic Diversification loan program.

Tourism Alliance for Western and Northern Canada
Assists Western and Northern Canadian tourism industry in co-operative marketing, aboriginal tourism, eco-tourism, and developing effective applications of computer, telecommunications, and multi-media technology.

Western Canadian Aerospace Industry Capabilities Guide
Guide to potential subcontractors, partners, and/or strategic alliances among aerospace and aerospace-related companies in western Canada.

Womens' Enterprise Society of B.C. (WESBC)
Provides women entrepreneurs with business financing, counseling, mentoring and information.
Tel: (250) 868-3454 or
Toll free: 1-800-643-7014
URL: http://www.wes.bc.ca
Email: info@wes.bc.ca

Women's Enterprise Society (WESBC) Starter Kit
Information for women starting up or carrying on a business, including information on financial assistance and resources.

Youth Business & Training (YouBET)
Training workshops and a web-site for youth between 18 and 24 who own or are interested in starting up a small business. Affiliated with the Youth Mentorship Program.
Toll free: 1-800-672-0103 (Lower Mainland);
Toll free: 1-888-731-1101 (Vancouver Island);
Toll free: 1-888-696-8238 (Thompson-Okanagan);
Toll free: 1-888-377-9675 (North-Central BC);
Toll free: 1-800-556-5539 (Northwest BC);
Toll free: 1-800-347-9704 (Kootenays).
URL: http://www.youth.gov.bc.ca/programs/youbet.asp

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