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Stroke Recovery Conference 2007
Putting the Evidence to Work for You!
August 17 & 18, 2007
Stroke Survivors Association of Ottawa

May 24, 2007

Aims & Objectives
Why You Should Attend
About Ottawa
Schedule - August 17, 2007
Schedule - August 18, 2007
About the Speakers


When: August 17 & 18, 2007


Hampton Inn and Ottawa Conference Centre
100 Coventry Road, Ottawa, Ontario



  • Provide direct information to professionals treating stroke in the community
  • Enable people dealing with stroke to manage better
  • Recognize the value of Stroke Rehabilitation to improve quality of life
  • Create community and collaboration for both professionals and people dealing with stroke


This conference will allow YOU to meet researchers and professionals at the forefront of stroke rehabilitation and treatment.


Keynote speaker
Dr. Cindi M Morshead,
Canadian Stem Cell Research and Stroke:
What is possible?

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Amel Arnaout:
Cholesterol and Blood Lipids



Theme 1
Recovery Assisted by Rehabilitation
Theme 2
Management and
Theme 3
Increasing Your Resources: Renegotiate Life Post Stroke

William Connors: Simply Smart Aphasia Treatment

Dr. Arthur Prochazka: Arm and Hand The Glove and Virtual Reality

Dr. Richard C Katz: Aphasia Treatment: Utilizing computers and the Web

Dr. Mindy Levin: Evidence Base Arm and Hand Treatment

Mary H Bowman OT: Constraint Therapy

Triana Clarke-Feller: Kinesiology and Brain Injury
Dr. Heather Lochnan: Managing Diabetes

Dr. Hillel Finestone: Helping families to manage right brain strokes

Dr. Kate Stolee: Reducing Spasticity to Gain Function

Dr. Charles Leclerc: Cognitive Rehabilitation

Jack R. Bowerman: Making Sense of the Tax System

Marianne Lawton and Diana Wong: Workshop Hands On Physiotherapy

Marianne Lawton and physiotherapists from Neuro Home Rehab Services:
Workshop: Physio 101 for Families, Nurses and Personal Care Workers

Steve Goff:
Communicating Despite Aphasia

Les Vandor:
What you always need to know about the Laws.

Dale Lynch:
Recovery: Using Humor and Everything you can think of!

Sandy Byrne:
One Hand and Willing to try.



Ottawa is wonderful in the summer! Make this a holiday! We would suggest:

SCHEDULE - Friday August 17, 2007

8:00 - 8:30             Registration and Coffee
8:30 - 9:00            Welcome and Living with Stroke Keynote: Wayne McIntyre, Acting Director of Student             Services, Algonquin College
9:00 to 10:00            Keynote: Dr. Cindi M Morshead, Canadian Stem Cell Research: the Promise for Stroke
10:30 to 11:30 William Connors: Simply Smart Aphasia Treatment Dr. Charles Leclerc: French: Cognitive RehabilitationDr. Heather Lochnan: Managing Diabetes
11:30 to 1:00             Lunch
1:00 to 2:00Dr. Richard C Katz: Aphasia Treatment: Utilizing computers and the WebDr. Hillel Finestone: Helping families to manage right brain strokesJack R. Bowerman, Chartered Accountant: Making Sense of the Tax system and Disability Deductions
2:00 to 2:30             Health Break
2:30 to 3:30 Dr. Kate Stolee: Managing Spasticity with Botox Mary H. Bowman OT: Constraint TherapyDr. Charles Leclerc: Cognitive Rehabilitation
3:45 to 4:45Sue McGarvie:
Sex after stroke
Dale Lynch: The Stroke Journey: Thriving

SCHEDULE - Saturday, August 18, 2007

8:00 - 8:30             Registration
8:30 - 9:15            Welcome Keynote: Dr. Amel Arnaout: Cholesterol and Blood Lipids
9:30 to 10:30Dr. Mindy Levin: Evidence Based Arm and Hand TreatmentFrench Les Vandor: Powers of Attorney - What you need to know before and after a strokeMarianne Lawton & Neuro Home Rehab Service Physios: Stroke Physiotherapy: Workshop for physiotherapists NOTE: This is open to 20 physiotherapists only
10:30 to 11:00             Health Break
11:00 to 12:00 Dr. Mindy Levin: Evidence Base Arm and Hand TreatmentDr. Gary Viner: Communicating with your Family Doctor Marianne Lawton Workshop Continued
12:00 to 1:30             Lunch  
1:30 to 2:30Dr. Arthur Prochazka: Arm and Hand, The Glove and Virtual RealityTriana Clarke-Feller:
Kinesiology and Brain Injury

Marianne Lawton and physios from Neuro Home Rehab Service: Physiotherapy 101 for families, nurses and supporters

2:30 to 3:00             Health Break
3:00 to 4:45

It is about how you Live: Post Stroke

Steve Goff: Communicating Despite Aphasia

Dale Lynch: The Stroke Journey: Thriving

Sandy Byrne: Techniques, Tips and Tools - Things I learned about Managing with One Hand

Retelling the Stroke Story: Stroke Survivors Association of Ottawa


Space is limited in some lectures: If you want to ensure that you get your choice of speaker; register early.

Download Registration Form PDF Format (PDF format)

Registration en français PDF Format (PDF format)

Registration Fees:

Prior to July 1: TWO DAYS August 17 & 18    $175

After July 1: TWO DAYS August 17 & 18   $190

Registration Fees for Stroke Survivors Association of Ottawa Members:

Prior to July 1: TWO DAYS August 17 & 18    $50

After July 1: TWO DAYS August 17 & 18   $60


Follow this link

About the Speakers:

Wayne McIntyre: Wayne McIntyre is the Acting Director of Student Services at Algonquin College. He was elected by the Administrative Staff as their representative on the Board of Governors and in September 2005 was elected President of the Algonquin College Administrative Staff Association.

Prior to joining the College in 1987, Wayne worked at increasingly senior positions with Canadian Tire. Over the past ten years, he has provided leadership and strategic direction to volunteer Boards of not-for-profit organizations. He is also the winner of the 2003 Capital Educator's Award for Algonquin College.

Dr. Cindi Morshead - Stem Cells in Stroke:Where are we and What's the Promise University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Research Interests: Fundamentals of Stem Cell Behavior and Characterization Using stem cells in Regenerative Medicine: Models of Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury.

Dr. Morshead received the Premier's Award for Research Excellence in 2004. She is doing work on stem cells for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Stem Cell Network and the National Research Council.

William Connors - Simply Smart Aphasia Recovery/ Intensive Therapy University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre and Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment Research and Education Centre.

Bill has been a practicing speech therapist for 30 years. He has been the Clinical Supervisor at the University of Pittsburg, Duquesne University, Indiana University, and the University of Pennsylvania

Dr Arthur Prochaska - Regaining Arm and Hand University of Alberta Dr. Prochaska has developed the Bionic Glove, based on functional electric stimulation, senses movement in the wrist and electronically stimulates different muscles in the forearm allowing the fingers to grip and release. Dr. Prochaska currently has a clinical trial of 10 people -- distance supervision of arm and hand recovery/computer aided practice.

Dr. Richard C Katz - Aphasia: Computers and aphasia therapy Carl T. Hayden Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Arizona State University, Tempe Dr. Katz has written extensively about the use of technology to treat aphasia. He has conducted treatment studies for over 25 years, and is currently developing an internet-based therapy program. The automated program is designed to provide people with aphasia access to supplementary auditory stimulation treatment at any time, and requires minimal intervention from clinicians or assistants.

Dr. Gary Viner - Communicating Better With your Family Doctor Dr. Gary Viner is a 26 year veteran of Family Medicine in Ottawa, and is currently the Unit Postgraduate Education Director of the Civic Family Medicine Centre and Assistant Professor with the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine.

Dr. Mindy Levin - Arm and Hand: What's the Evidence? What Works? McGill University Canada Research Chair in Motor Recovery and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Levin is one of Canada's leading experts on the challenges of uncovering the best way to recover motor skills after brain injury.

Mary H Bowman, OTR/L - Constraint Induced Movement Therapy for the Arm and Hand University of Alabama at Birmingham CI Therapy Research Group An occupational therapist with 14 years of neurorehabilitation experience, Mary has worked for the last 4 years with Edward Taub, PhD, in the CI Therapy Research Group. She also has advanced training in neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT).

Dr. Kate Stollee - Dealing with Spasticity Dr. Stollee is a practicing physiatrist. One of the tools she uses to help regain function and reduce Spasticity is Botox. She will share videos of people with stroke to show how Botox affects Spasticity.

Dr. Hillel Finestone - Why Right Brain Strokes are Difficult for Families University of OttawaDr. Finestone is author of numerous published articles including the Ottawa Rehabilitation Guidelines. Dr. Finestone is a physiatrist in stroke rehabilitation.

Dr. Charles Leclerc - Cognitive Rehabilitation Ph, D. Universite de Montreal; Rehabilitation Centre of Ottawa specializing in Stroke Rehabilitation, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Living with stroke, Community re-integration. Research Interests: cerebral plasticity, neuropsychological testing and ecological validity, neuropsychological testing and driving.

Heather Lochnan MD FRCPC - Managing Diabetes in Stroke & for Prevention Associate Professor of Medicine University of Ottawa Dr. Lochnan's research: What Diabetes does to the Brain.

Jack R. Bowerman CA and CMA - Disability and the Tax System Jack completed the lll - Part - CICA In-depth Tax Program in September 2000 and has been employed in the accounting field since 1978, with the last ten years in the public accounting.

Marianne Lawton PT and Physiotherapists for Neuro Home Rehab Services 2 Workshops
Introduction to NeuroPhyisotherapy (limited to 20 physiotherapists) and Physio 101 for Families: What Families need to know to help! Marianne Lawton, B.Sc. P.T. has been a qualified IBITA Basic Instructor in the Bobath /NDT concept since 2003. Marianne and the therapists from Neurohome Rehab are mentored by Mrs. Patty Shelly, Senior Instructor, IBITA. Marianne has a community based practice in the Oakville area. Neuro Home Rehab Services is in the Ottawa area.

Les Vandor - Powers of Attorney - what you need to know before and after a stroke.
Les Vandor is Counsel to the law firm of Lang Michener LLP. He is an Ottawa based lawyer and author and a regular on CBC Radio's Ontario Today. He also appears monthly on CTV and has a weekly newspaper column. Les has a particular strength at meeting the legal needs of individuals in a clear, accessible and understandable way.

Trianna Clarke Feller - Kinesiology and Brain Injury. After her traumatic brain injury, Triana has taken a degree in Kinesiology and runs a group exercise program for stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors.

Featuring Aphasia and Stroke Hero -- Steve Goff - Even if you can't speak -- you can still communicate! Steve is going to elegantly tell the Aphasia Story and -- Stroke Hero -- Sandy Byrne -- Anything you can do I can do - With one hand!

For more information: http://www.strokeconference.ca


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