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DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) Ontario

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September 5, 2001
Recommended Link:

ENAWA - European and North American Women Action

ENAWA - European and North American WomenAction is a network of media, ICT, information and advocacy organizations strengthening and integrating a feminist analysis in the information and media landscape in relation to social movements and the women's movement in our region and the world.

ENAWA is a web-based community of feminist organizations committed to developing networks that contribute to the quality of the lives of women living in our region, and to the quality of the lives of women worldwide who are affected by politics and development in our region.


August 30, 2001
Additions to the site include:

THE PROBLEM BODY: Portrayals of Disability, Illness, Obesity, and Age in Film


August 24, 2001
Additions to the site include:

Participation request regarding lobby efforts around inaccessible correspondence from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) mailed to recipients who are blind.

August 18, 2001
Additions to the site include:

Changes to the Law Threaten Abused Women & their Children
For the latest updates on Custody & Access visit the
Ontario Women's Justice Network - OWJN


August 14, 2001
Additions to the site include:

DAWNing Opportunities: Transition to Self-Employment
project website.

This is a DAWN Canada: DisAbled Women's Network project targeted at Women with disAbilities in 5 venues across Canada.



August 5 - 6, 2001
Additions to the site include:

Updates to the Research Initiatives & Participation Requests page.

June 7, 2001
Important Links on Child Custody and Access

"Brief to the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Family Law Committee on Custody, Access and Child Support" - Ontario Women's Network on Custody & Access - an extensive analysis of the consultation process, critical assessment of the proposed models, and list of 40 recommendations (French to come)

"Feedback Booklet for the Consultation on Custody, Access and Child Support" - Vancouver Custody & Access Support & Advocacy Association and Battered Women's Support Services - point-by-point critique of the feedback booklet by BC women's groups

"Analysis of Part 1 of the Consultation Document" by Pamela Cross, April 30, 2001

Analyse du document « L’intérêt de l’enfant d’abord – Partie 1 » par Pamela Cross, 30 April

Women's Organizations Boycott Custody Consultations - Media Release, Ottawa, June 6th

Les organismes de femmes dénoncent les consultations sur la garde légale - communiqué de presse, Ottawa, 6 juin 2001

Changes to Canada's Divorse Act Underway: Round of provincial consultations begin in Vancouver - Press Release, June 6


May 17, 2001
Revisions to the site today include:

Update to Requests for Participation in Research Initiatives

May 14, 2001
Revisions to the site today include:

Alert Bulletin
on Child Custody and Access
and en francais


May 4, 2001
New additions to the site today include:

A link to the BHAWD website at at
BHAWD: Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities

The idea for BHAWD began with Judi Rogers, a breast cancer survivor and ambulatory woman with cerebral palsy.

April 21, 2001
New additions to the site today include:

Breast Self-Examination
A Handbook for Women with disAbilities

What this booklet is about
The Facts about Breast Cancer
Why Practice Breast Self Examination
Reasons Why We Don't Do Breast Self-Examination
To Treat Cancer you must First Find it
Other Alternatives to BSE
For Information or support

About Mammograms: A Women's Guide


April 20, 2001
New additions to the site today include:

Guide to Services for Assaulted Women
What can Women with disAbilities do to Be Safe

April 17, 2001
New additions to the site today include:

Alert Bulletin
on Child Custody and Access

Update to our Custody and Access info:
The federal, provincial and territorial governments have initiated a consultation process to give Canadians the opportunity to share their views with governments on custody, access and child support issues.

To request a hardcopy of the consultation document "Putting Children’s Interests First: Custody, Access and Child Support in Canada" call

Please note that the online document is only available in PDF which requires Acrobat Reader. Also note, that Submissions to these consultations will only be accepted by traditional mail by June 15, 2001.

April 13, 2001
New additions to the site today include:

Tracy Latimer — Some of the Facts
by Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Ontario

Download the Latimer Petition (as a WordPerfect doc)
Download the Latimer Petition (as a WORD doc)


April 12, 2001
New additions to the site today include:

Sample Action Letter
added to our Tracy Latimer page

Euthanasia Symposium
Saturday, April 28, 2001 starting at 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
The Ramada Inn, 817 Exeter Rd., London, Ontario
Key Speakers: Wesley Smith, Catherine Frazee, Dr. John Patrick

Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide
Terminology and Concerns outlined
adapted from Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

America's War on the Disabled; 1975-1992: A Personal Account
A History of the Social Security Disability Reviews of the 1980's available free online, authored by Tennise Broeck Morse, a woman who lives with MS


April 11, 2001
New additions to the site today include:

Osteoporosis by Don R. Powell, PhD


April 9, 2001
Perceptions of Primary Healthcare Services among People with Physical Disabilities: A 2-part report on the perceived quality of primary care received by persons with disabilities.
Reprinted with Permission from Dr. Donna Stewart
Part 1: Access Issues
Part 2: Quality Issues



April 8, 2001
The Canadian Women's Health Network Magazine, a national quarterly news magazine, is calling for contributions to its Summer 2001 issue, Part 2: Women's Health and Diversity. The focus of Part 2 is Aboriginal women, women with disabilities, and lesbian, bi and transgender women.

The CWHN seeks articles or personal experience essays 500-1000 words in length dealing with the subject of health and disabilities; they are open to exploring any of the factors that influence a person's overall health, from prejudice to employment to finances. Contribution deadline is 15 April 2001.

Please send query letters, story ideas, or outlines to:
Lynnette D'anna, Managing Editor, CWHN Magazine,


April 5, 2001
Report prepared by Ms. Gabriela Rodríguez Pizarro, Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, submitted pursuant to resolution 1999/44 of the Commission on Human Rights
Follow this link to read or download the Report

April 4, 2001
New additions to the site today include:
Research page
Parents with disAbilities needed to participate in the Nurturing Assistance Project, the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto (CILT)'s newest research undertaking.


April, 3, 2001
Updated: Justice Issues page to include

Custody & Access: Changes to the Law Threaten Abused Women & their Children dated March 30, 2001 by Pamela Cross of the Ontario Women's Justice Network

March 30, 2001
New additions to the site today include:
Revision of our Friends of Tracy Latimer pages include:

Tracy Latimer page

Backgrounder from CCD
Latimer Appeal Scheduled For 27 November 1996
Some Info About Robert Latimer

2 February 2001 Responding to Concerns
18 January 2001 Supreme Court Decides Against Robert Latimer

Take Action

CCD Latimer Watch

March 27, 2001
New additions to the site today include:
The Case of Lucy Lu Supported by DAWN Ontario
Take Action page to support Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu is a Chinese immigrant living in Canada. Lucy Lu was wrongly convicted of a crime in Canada, served time, has been free, living and working in Canada. Suddenly the Canadian government wants to send her back to China where her life will be at risk.

March 26, 2001
New additions to the site today include:

MEDIA KIT: Tips on How to Use the Media Effectively
Page Contents:
Writing Effective Letters to the Editor
Writing and Publishing an Op-Ed
Taking Action to the Airwaves

Women's March 2000: 13 Demands

March 22, 2001
New additions to the site today include:
Call to Action: Friends of Tracy Latimer ... we urge you to let your voice be heard. Write to your MP and to Cabinet Ministers

March 21, 2001
Happy Spring!
We've added a new feature on our site that includes a coloured scroll bar and highlighted links for the benefit of our visitors with low vision.

March 18, 2001
New additions to the site today include:
Ethical Guidelines for Research
with Pacific DAWN: Pacific DisAbled Women's Network
Reprinted with permission from Joan Meister


March 16, 2001
New additions to the site today include:
LEAF's Factum on Falkiner
Reprinted with the permission of the
Women's Legal Education and Action Fund ("LEAF")


March 11, 2001
New additions to the site today include:
Interacting with People with DisAbilities:
An Etiquette Hand-book

(reprinted with permission from the University of Arkansas)
A Self Analysis
The Basics
People with Mobility Disabilities
People with Hearing Disabilities
People with Vision Disabilities
People with Communication Disabilities
People with Learning Disabilities
People with Mental (Psychiatric) Disabilities
People with Epilepsy
People with Other Disabilities

March 10, 2001
New additions to the Justice Issues & Resources page today include:
Legal Resources in Ontario
Legal Resources in Other Provinces
National Legal Resources
National Legal Organizations
Federal Government
Academic Legal Resources


March 9, 2001
New additions to the site today include:
About Mammograms A Woman's Guide

March 8, 2001
Happy International Women's Day!

New additions to the site today include:

Manifesto for Persons with Disabilities

International Resource Kit for Women with Disabilities

March 6, 2001
DAWN Ontario's website grows!
We've doubled the number of menu items to help visitors better access information and navigate through our site. We've also changed the graphical interface in response to feedback. We hope you enjoy the new "look" of the site along with the additional content and encourage you to check out our new menu items such as:

Justice Issues
Health Issues
Resources DAWN Ontario Catologue of Publications
Research Postings
Online Community for Women with Disabilities
Membership where you may join DAWN Ontario
Feedback an email link to provide feedback

March 5, 2001
New post on Research page
Detailed Backgrounder on the The Ontarians with Disabilities Act

March 4, 2001
Information on Gender-Based Analysis has been added to the site. Check out our Justice page's 3rd heading "Policy Issues" for more links on Gender-Based Analysis.

February 26, 2001
Text-based version of DAWN Ontario site now available

February 23, 2001
Read our What is Access page

February 20th, 2001
DAWN Ontario announces its Inclusion Award
Deadline for nominations is April 30, 2001
View the Nomination form
Download Nomination Form as a Word doc
Download Nomination Form as an RTF doc

February 18, 2001

Now Available Online: DAWN Ontario's Annotated Bibliography and A Statement of Need re: Violence Against Women With Disabilities: This project was an interactive needs assessment used to determine what information is available for consumers of service, service providers and family members in respect to understanding or assisting women with disabilities having to deal with a variety of circumstances such as abuse, violence, neglect, or access to services which are appropriate.

Report to DAWN Ontario board ... on the Sectoral Training Workshop on Violence against Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women and the Justice System held in North Bay by the Roeher Institute and EWA (Education Wife Assault) 20+ pages


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