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A New Government, New Ministries, & New Committees



Premier McGuinty has restructured and renamed various Ministries to reflect the priorities outlined in the Liberal election platform, and deal with what his government sees as key challenges facing Ontario.

There is a new Ministry of Children’s Services, which will be responsible for implementing the ‘Best Start Plan’ and childcare commitments. In addition, a new Ministry of Public Infrastructure was created. It will coordinate infrastructure planning in the key areas of education, health, transportation, housing and the environment, taking over many of the functions previously performed by the SuperBuild Corporation. The new cabinet is comprised of 23 Ministers.

The premier also announced the formation of eight government committees. They will make recommendations to cabinet on policies and programs, and encourage co-operation among Ministries. The committees, all but two of which are chaired by MPPs who are not cabinet ministers, will also be used to promote consultation with stakeholders.

To assist the various Ministers, 29 MPPs were named as Parliamentary Assistants. Unlike the previous Eves government, McGuinty did not continue with the practice of having Associate Ministers.

For a complete list of the new provincial cabinet, parliamentary assistants, and government committees, please visit: http://www.premier.gov.on.ca/english/mcguintyteam/

Source: United Ways of Ontario's Government Relations Bulletin - Issue dd Nov. 7, 2003

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