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To identify priorities for legal strategies and to generate ideas on how to create an income security system that actually works for people. We will look at the problems with the current system and also temporary measures to improve it. More importantly, we will brainstorm about principals for a new, modern income security system that respects human rights. We believe your ideas will make a difference.

What your participation would require…

Join us in an online community "brainstorming" session. We will talk about the systemic injustices faced by those whom, at some time since 1995, have had to rely on an income security program for any period of time. The group will be discussing personal experiences in receiving income assistance or in advocating for those who do. We also want to hear your views about the social services currently available in our community. The group will also be discussing employment barriers, and how employment is affected by receiving income assistance.

The online discussion group will take place from April 17th to April 24th inclusive.


There is no direct benefit to you in participating other than the chance to talk about the challenges you face as a Woman with a disability in a supportive environment. Our goal is to gather information that will lead to strategies for reforming social and economic policy and challenging the barriers to income security.


A possible risk is that the group may be discussing questions that are difficult and upsetting to talk about. If you agree to participate in this group and you do find it upsetting, you can leave at any point.


We are committed to keeping what you tell us confidential. We will take the following steps to help make sure that no one outside the group meeting can find out what everyone disclosed regarding their personal experiences.

  • No one will be told that you have been a participant. When the session discussions close, the messages will be deleted.
  • In any report or paper written about the research your name will not appear. We will also make sure that no other identifying information about you is included.

What will be done with the research?

We will use the information from this discussion to help us put together a picture of how the welfare system is or is not responding to those in need in Ontario. From this picture, we will identify things that we think really need to be changed and try to suggest ways to change things for the better. We want to advocate for better income security policies and develop legal strategies to stop unfair policies and practices.

Your participation in this research is completely voluntary. If you do decide to participate you can change your mind at any time and withdraw. Also, during the discussion, you can decide to leave at any time; you can also choose not to answer any question; or decide that something you have said you don't want to have included after all.

How to Participate:

Email: Barb Anello at DAWN Ontario


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